Sunday, August 3, 2014

Letter from Katherine (04/28/2014)

Hello Family!

Well let's see...what has happened this week...

Today we had transfers. It's a lot less stressful when you're not the one moving:) Sister Bishop transfered to Odense. The weather has been gorgeous lately so it has been reminding me of Odense since that is where I was last summer. After getting Sister Bishop to the train I had a couple of hours before Sister Sheradin arrived. Two of the other sisters were waiting for the companions to come as well so we decided to go do something fun. Sister Peterson, Sister hadley and i went and saw the Little Mermaid! It was soooo fun! We had a good time together. Sister Sheradin has made it here safe and sound. I think I will enjoy her.  

Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference. Both meetings were very nice. President Dykes from the 70 spoke at both meetings and he did a really good job. Saturday was kind of crazy because we had to travel to Roskilde for the meeting and we were planning on taking public transportation, but one of the s tog stations decided to catch on fire. It was pretty hectic but we were able to get a ride from Bishop's wife. haha funny story. Sister Bishop and I went to the mal to grab something to eat before we had to catch our ride and on our way out i went through the spinning doors and it must have been super clean or something because I thought the door was finished and I walked right into the glass. It was pretty funny. Sister Bishop and I both had a really good laugh. At the Saturday meeting the stake president spoke a Little bit about the missionary that recently was killed in Sweden. He said that the day the missionary was killed was the day of his first baptism in the land. He talked about how the missionary had written in his journal that it was the best day of his life and he also had written about how he knew that his life on earth would sould come to an end. His talk was very touching. Sunday they held the meeting in a music gymnasium. You could tell that the auditorium was build for music because the choir sounded so good! Jette was at stake conference and she absolutely loved it. A girl named Amalie was also there. She was an Exchange studen in Las Vegas and she lived with some members. The sisters before me worked with her, but yesterday was the first time I have met her and she is super awesome. Her Schedule has been crazy so she hasn't been able to meet, but we have an appointment with her tomorrow and i'm hoping that she will be able to meet more frequently.
I'm not going to lie, i'm having a hard time emailing right now. I am sooooo tired.

I think I told you

about hte easter egg hunt last week. It was a lot of fun. After we met with a man named Alex. he is from Ghana and he actually is a member of the church. We invited him to stake conference and sure enough, he was there. He told our Ward mission leader that he wants to start coming to church, so taht was pretty exciting.

We have met with Natalia quite frequently, but last week she told Sister Bishop and I that she needed to take a pause. She said that she still will pray and read the book of mormon and live the Word of wisdom etc.. but she needes to take a break from meeting with the missionaries and coming to church. So we'll see what happens. she was not happy about sister Bishop leaving.

A lot of the senior couple missionaries went home today. Elder and Sister hansen, the office couple went home so sister Bishop and I had lunch with Sister Hansen last week. It was a lot of fun. It's kind of sad that they are leaving. The Ivie's went home today as well. They were the senior couple in Odense. I can't believe that is already time for them to go home. Weird.

We had a fun eating appointment with a member named Esther. We went to her house and washed her Windows while the elders organized some of her papers and cooked dinner. It was fun.

Sister Bishop and I also ate with the von Scheel Family. Bro. von scheel is actually working in Canada right now and Sis. von scheel is waiting for the house to sale. They have a son on a mission in Greece and a son WHO is serving in England. He has actually been home because of his Health. The doctors aren't sure what it is, but he sleeps a lot. Sister Bishop and I went over to see them and he almost fell asleep while we were talking to them. It was sad but a Little bit funny. Hopefully he gets feeling better so he can return to his mission.

It will be weird not having Sister Bishop here, but I actually think it will help me get to know the area and Ward better. I am pretty excited that I will get to bike Again. i have missed riding a bike! Sister Bishop had a doctors appointment last week and they think that she might have fibromyalgi. It will be interesting to see what has been the cause of her pain.

I think that's about it. I am way tired, but happy:) I hope you have a wonderful week! i love you!

Love Katherine

God Påske! (Letter from Katherine - 04/22/2014)

Hello Family!

This week has been good. One of my favorite experiences was doing service for a woman who has m.s. She has met with the missionaries before but hasn't been taught by them in quite some time. Sister Bishop and I have been able to keep in touch with her, but everytome we went to visit her she either wasn't home or she wasn't so interested in having us there. Her m.s. is very dabilitating (is that a Word?..) and she is in a Wheel chair. SIster Bishop and I have thought that the best thing we could do for her would be to serve her, it was just a matter of her being willing to let us serve her. We decided that we would just show up at her house one day in service clothes ready to be put to Work. We were prayerful that she would be home and open to us helping her! Well, last week we showed up at her house and the door was wide open, good sign right? We called to her and she told us to come in. I think she was super confused, but we told her that we would love to help her with anything that she needed done. She put us to Work in her back yard. It was great! She has a son who is about 11 years old and he kept saying to her, Mom, it's so nice that there are people who care enough to help you because you can't do it. It was very touching. It was definitely an answer to our prayers that we were able to help her.

Wednesday we had dinner with Biskop and his Family and they invited us to bring a friend. We brought Natalia, the girl we have been teaching who is from Ukraine. After eating we shared an easter message about the Savior. The Bishop's daughter asked if we had seen the new video called because of him, we hadn't, so she showed it to us. Holy cow, it's so good. Sister Bishop and I have been showing it every opportunity we've had. We love it so much!

EAster is a 5 day holliday here so it was tough finding people at home. Saturday evening we had dinner with the elders. Sister Bishop and I made cafe rio pork and it cooked while we were out working. I was super worried that our Apartment would catch on fire. luckily it didn't. We have a picnic table in the back of our Apartment and the weather has been lovely so it was a lot of fun. 

We found a man in our area named Alex who is from AFrica, turns out he is a member!

Sunday we had Easter dinner at the Sederholm's. It was a lot of fun. It seriously is so fun being in their Ward.

Monday Ken Hall came to Sjælland to do an easter egg hunt with some of the missionaries. It was so fun!!! WE played a lot of egg games. I got egg all over me. It was gross but fun.
Oh yes, I almost forgot! Transfers. Sister Bishop is transfering to Odense, and I am getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Sheridan and she was in the MTC at the same time I was just in the other district.

one of the Pictures is from our eating appointment with the elders, the other at the easter egg hunt, and this random guy on the street gave sister Bishop and I roses.

Well. THat's about it I think. I'm sorry i'm not the best writer. there is like zero organization to my emails. But all that's important is that you know that I love you!!!!! I hope you all have a great week!

love Katherine

Letter from Katherine (04/14/2014

Hello my dear Family,

It has been a good week.

Tuesday we had our district activity and we went to the zoo. It was a lot of fun! and I'm sorry Utah, but the zoo in Copenhagen beats the hogle zoo by a lot. I guess the zoo here actually is quite scandelous though because they fed one of their giraffes to the lions... haha I think i already told you about that... When we went the lions weren't even there, so my guess is they fed them to the...crocidiles? I don't know. Funny story though, so we had our district meeting before we went to the zoo and Sister Bishop and I thought it would just be so smart if we wore our normal clothes to the church and then we could hurry and slip on a skirt once we got there. I had the thought that we should probably just go in our church clothes and then change after the meeting. Well, we decided it would just be so much easier to Wear normal clothes because then we wouldn't have to carry them around all day. Well we get to the church and guess who was there....President! haha that will teach me to Wear normal clothes to a district meeting. Rookie mistake. haha I was super embarassed, but I think President thought it was kind of least I hope so. The zoo was great though.

I went on Exchanges this week with the sister training leaders. They do it a Little differently here on Sjælland than they do it in Jylland. instead of both sisters going to the sister training leaders area one of them comes to our area and one of us goes to their area. Anyways, I went with Sister Peterson.

 It was great being with Sister Peterson for the day though. I was able to get back on the bike!!!! I so miss riding bikes. I never thought those Words would come out of my mouth. haha I don't know what it is about Exchanges, but it seems like every time something awesome happens. One of my favorite miracles of the day was when Sister Peterson and I had an appointment, but we showed up and they cancelled. Don't worry though, we had a back up plan! we went to the college housing right by where our appointment was suposed to be. We looked at the record of the person that we wanted to visit and I noticed that it was from like 2011 or something. I told sister Peterson that there was no way that that person would still live there because it is student housing. She said yeah, you're probably right, but we should try knocking the door anyways. So we did. We talked to a Young man for quite a while. He was so interested. Some of the scriptures we showed him were the one in the bible about Jesus saying he has other sheep and the scripture in 3rd Nephi where Christ says that these people are his other sheep that he was talking about. The spirit was very strong. Ya know, i'm not sure what will happen to him or if he will be a super posotive investigator, but I do know that the Book of Mormon is true. and I love those moments when we testify of The Book of Mormon because every single time the spirit testifies to me that it is true. I love the Book of Mormon. Not only has it strengthened my testimony of the restoration, but it has stengthened my relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.

Thursday we taught Lati Danish Again. It is the funniest thing ever. Right before we finish we make him go talk to someone in the Library in Danish. he actually does pretty good! On the way home from the library this crazy man asked Sister Bishop and I if we were twins. We were like uh...yeah we look so much alike.... he then asked us where we sleep.... so then we just walked away really fast. haha he was crazy

Guess what? I have been on a mission over a year now. I haven't really been keeping track but it was kind of hard to miss because sis. bishop's mom sent us a package of stuff for us to celebrate. haha It was kind of fun because a year ago Sister Bishop and i were together in the MTC and now we are together here in Denmark. I can't believe how fast time flys. It's so crazy.

 Natlia is doing well and is as funny as ever. She is the one from Ukraine. speaking of which. What is going on there? It sounds like it is getting worse?

We have a lesson today with Jette. It has been quite a while since the last time we met with her because she has been so busy. It will be good to see and start teaching her Again.

A couple of weeks ago sister Bishop and I contacted a lady on the street and talked to her for a Little bit. She gave us her number, but when we tried calling it later in the week it just rang and rang so we thought that it must have been a fake number or something. Last week we were knocking doors and guess who we knocked into? that same lady! haha there is no escaping us. we were able to set up an appointment with her. It was pretty crazy though because sister Bishop can't knock Apartment Buildings because of the stairs so if we do an Apartment Building we can only knock the first floor and this woman just so happened to live on the first floor. coincidence? I think not.

Well, I think that's about it. I will attach some Pictures. I love you and hope you all have a great week!!!!

Love Katherine

Letter from Katherine (4/7/2014)

Hej min familie,

Conference was great wasn't it? I still haven't seen the second session of the sunday session, but we are planning on watching it later this week with Natalia. I really enjoyed conference, but it had kind of a different feel this time around. I don't know how to explain it. haha It was great though and I loved every minute of it. It's amazing to me how much more I have gotten out of conference as a missionary, than I ever have before. I'm not going to lie though, my conference breakfast was not even close to as being as good as the egg casserole and pull apart rolls.

Sister Sederholm was in charge of feeding all the missionaries and Young single adults inbetween sessison yesterday so she had Sister Bishop and I go over before conference started and make sandwhiches with her and Heather. it was fun! Subway and Coranados totally should have hired me. I make a pretty mean sandwhich. 

The majority of the missionaries on Sjælland Watch conference together so it was a lot of fun to see some of the missionareis I haven't seen in a while. I saw sister Hall! since being on her mission her father has quit smoking and become active in the church Again and been back to the temple. Her old sister went through the temple as well as her older Brother and sister in law. Her Brother and sister in law will be getting Sealed in the temple some time this month. I just thought it was so neat. I remember one time she was looking at my Pictures and she saw the one of our Family outside of the temple right after I had been through the temple for the first time. She told me she loved that Picture and that she loved how we all had our temple bags. She said that was her dream, for her Family to be able to go to the temple with her. Now look at them! It's wonderful.

Sister Bishop and I actually had the opportunity to attend the temple on Saturday. Guess who let us into the temple? Thomas Kofold. Also known as Jesus in the film Finding Faith in Christ. That was pretty awesome. haha I love the temple so much. Everytime I go I am overwhelmed by the spirit. It is always such a wonderful and uplifting experience for me. I was able to see one of the new films. So good. It made me understand Things in a completely different way. I absolutely loved it. It was a perfect beginning for the spiritual feast we had over the weekend.

I was able to see the women's coference. It was so good! I really enjoyed it.

Things are going well here. We have a lot to do and are staying busy. This is kind of random, but this last week Sister BIshop and I read the Denmark dedicatory prayer. It is very neat. IT was Thomas S. Monsen who dedicated the land. Anyways, I don't think you can find it online, but I will make sure and bring a copy home.

This week we have our district activity and we wil be going to the zoo. I guess there was a big scandal a while ago about the zoo we will be going too. They killed one of their giraffes and fed it to the Lions in front of kids. haha yeah... It should be fun!  

Oh yes before I forget! So I met the new office couple and guess what?! they know aunt Sheri! I was very excited to hear that they knew her. I would like to email her, so if you could send me her email that would be great! 

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating DAd's birthday! 

I love you and hope you all have a great week!!!

Love Katherine 

Hello! (Letter from Katherine - 03/31/2014

Hello Fam,

It has been a good week here in Copenhagen. I have been enjoying getting to know the members a lot. We have an awesome ward here. I think I already told you this, but I can't remember... the church Building is being remodeled and won't be finished until December. So for the time being our ward attends church in Allerød, which is just North of our Area. The ward in Allerød doesn't have sister missionaries, and when they saw Sister Bishop and I they thought they were getting sister missionaries and they were pretty excited, but then they realized that we were just from the other ward. Our Ward mission leader has been on vacation and I met him for the first time yesterday. He looks so much like Alan!!!!!!!! It was crazy!!!! Alan has a Danish Dopleganger. haha

So you remember the Hall Family? Ken hall lives in Odense, and he is Dane's (my Danish teacher from BYU) uncle. Well Ganne, Ken's mother and Dane's grandma passed away and saturday was her funeral. Ganne was in the Gladesaxe 2 ward, but I never got to meet her, because at that point she had moved to Odense to live with Ken. Her funeral was here in Copenhagen so I was able to attend. It was fun to see Dane and his family and some of the people from Odense. Lan Le, and Ninna were there too! I don't know if you remember them. lan Le is the one that would always feed us dinner, and Ninna was the woman that was baptized when I was in Odense. I just love them so much. It really was sooo good to see them. Ganne's funeral was beautiful. They had all the grandchildren share some of their favorite memories of her. Even though I never met her, just by knowing her Family I know that she was a wonderful woman.

Right now Sister Bishop and I have been working with a woman named Ellen. She is so wonderful. We showed her the restoration film and she absolutely loved it. She wants a copy so she can show all of her friends. I can't believe how accepting and believing she is. She has definitely been prepared.

Natalia is doing great. She is so much fun. We were able to Watch the Thomas S. monsen Biography with her. It's way good! If you haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend it. She was looking up where the church Buildings are in Ukraine and when she moves home the closest one to her is 3 hours away from where she lives. Crazy huh? We are so blessed to have so many church Buildings and temples close to us.

So we have been working with a Young man named Matti. He is 26 years old and is a member of the church but hasn't been active for quite some time. We had an appointment with him on Tuesday but it ended up Falling through because we couldn't find a woman to go with us. He texted us and pretty much said that we were wasting our time with him. The text we sent back was kind of super funny... needless to say, he was at church yesterday:)

Yesterday President and Sister Sederholm were in Odense, se they let us borrow the car so we could take their daughther Heather to church. After church we went back to their house and ate tacos. It was a lot of fun. Heather is a cute girl. After church I started getting a migraine and I didn't have my medicine with me. Rookie mistake! so by the end of the night I was not feeling so hot. But hey! I got to drive the Sederholm's car and eat tacos with Heather. haha

Yeah. That's pretty much it. Thank you so much for the emails, it is always so good to hear how you are all doing and what you have been up to. I am sooooo excited for general conference. General conference as a missionary is the best thing ever. We have some investigators who are planning on coming to Watch it with us, so hopefully it will be a good experience for them. We haven't seen the women meeting but they will be showing it on Saturday, so we will get to see it then. Sister Bishop and I will be attending the temple this Saturday :D I will get to see the new film. I am very excited to say the least.

Dad- I hope you have an awesome birthday. Make sure to celebrate the Whole week!!! Do you still eat at Wingers? The other day I just was really craving wingers. Sticky finger Quesodillas!

Well my dear Family, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you so much!

Love Katherine

Hvasså? (Letter from Katherine - 03/24/2014

Hello my dear Family,

I just have to tell you that last week while we were eating dinner at a members house the son was looking at his phone and then he asked me if my first name was Katherine. I told him yes and he then told me that he had found my blog. haha I thought that was kind of funny and a Little bit creepy. I just hope that my letters that you post on the blog are passende;)

So pretty much this week hasn't been too exciting. Last Monday was Sister Bishop's birthday, so it was fun to celebrate it with her. I made her baked oatmeal for breakfast! Her mom sent her a bunch of birthday decorations so we decked out the Apartment. It was fun. We also did some shopping, and guess what? I bought some new shoes! They are crocs!! yeah, that's right. Crocs!! They don't look like crocs at all though. They're actually pretty cute and super comfy. How about that? We had dinner at a members house and it was a lot of fun. 

Tuesday we had Ward council and it was the first Ward council I've been to since being in this area. Holy cow. This Ward is very missionary minded and it's pretty exciting. I remember last general conference feeling a sense of urgency because the Lord really is hastening his Work before his coming. Sitting in Ward council I sensed that same feeling of Urgency. It's kind of hard to explain, but it's just like okay, we all really need to get to Work, because it's happening! The missionaries were only supposed to take about 10 minutes to talk about the people we are working with and such, but those 10 minutes turned into about an hour of the Ward leaders asking questions and giving suggestions. I loved it. When the missionaries were about to leave so the leaders could continue on with the rest of the meeting, the Bishop asked everyone to think about why it took so much time to talk about missionary Work. I loved it.

Wednesday we went to visit a Young man WHO we had giving a book of mormon to the week before. We get to his Apartment and guess what? He had read the Whole book of mormon! It was awesome. I was surprised that he wasn't ready to be baptized right then and there because the book of mormon is so true!! He unfortunately wasn't too interested in us coming back, but we won't give up on him that easy. It was pretty crazy though, because it's not every day that you meet someone WHO reads the Book of Mormon in a week.

Later that evening we taught two Guys from Africa Danish. It was pretty fun. At one point I got the giggles pretty bad. Danish is a very hard language and I had forgotten how hard it is when you are first trying to learn it.

Friday we were able to meet with Jette. She is awesome. She really is so prepared to recieve the gospel, but teaching her takes time. I'm learning to be patient. Sometimes it's really hard as a missionary...or as a normal person for that matter, because we just want Things to happen now! We were able to meet her 10 year old son though and he is so so sweet.

Natalia is awesome. We talked to her about tithing and fasting. She was super accepting of tithing and is looking forward to fasting. She comes from Krim... I think that's what it's called, The Island that is now Russia, and she is not very happy about what has been going on. It's a crazy World that we live in, isn't it?

I was able to meet Ellen this week. She is in her 60s and the sisters met her on the street. She is awesome and she has a cat named phiona. She asked if I had a cat and when I said yes she asked what it's name was. I told her my cat's name was notoes and she thought that notoes was a mean name. haha but then she said all that matters is that he is loved. :) Anyways, Ellen is very sweet. Teaching her also takes time.

Guess where we had an eating appointment on Sunday? at president and sister Sederholm's house! It was great. It was the first time I had been back in the mission home since like my first day in the land. Being in their Ward is definitly a bonus of this area. Sister Sederholm is awesome and it has been fun getting to know her better.

Well, that's pretty much it for the week. Things are going good. Thank you for your emails, it is always so good to hear from you. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love Katherine

Elvis Has Left the Building (Letter From Katherine - 03/17/2014)

Well Hello!
First of all...Dad, I can't believe you have been released as Bishop. I think your new calling should be Ward Mission leader :D I was excited to hear about the new Bishopric, but it's kind of sad that our Ward will be so small. only two Laurels?! that's crazy. By the time I get home though it will probably already be back to the same size haha it sounds like the Ivory devlopment is growing like crazy.

So I have had a good week. It's always a Little bit of a challenge getting to know a new area, but I really am enjoying it. The church Building that we meet in is actually under renovation right now and won't be done until December. Crazy huh? It's a pretty big Building and has a gym in it, but it's quite old so it needs some Work. Our Ward will be meeting in Allerød, which is North....I think. Our Ward is pretty big. There are about 150-200 active members. Awesome!!! I am really getting looking forward to getting to know them better.

Right now we are working with a Young woman named Natalia. She is from the Ukraine and is an au pair for a Family WHO are members of the church. She is so great. I'm not so sure if she likes me yet, but we're working on it! haha Last week we went to CUV with her and that was a lot of fun and there are so many UVs. i am definitely not in Esbjerg anymore. haha

So while we were at the Young single adults activity I ran into this girl that i met from my Danish class at BYU. She would come and sit in on the class sometimes. Well turns out that she is actually living in Denmark right now. It was fun to see her!

We are working with a woman named Jette right now. She is great! One of the members WHO recently returned home from her mission contacted her at the bus stop. Her first time in church she just cried because she had finally found the church she had been looking for. Jette asked us to teach her about the standards of the church. We taught her about the Word of wisdom and the law of chastitty, and she liked both of them. She is very prepared.
Okay, so story of the week. Yesterday after church we had an eating appointment with a man named Philliph. He is one of Copenhagens very own bus drivers. He had invited us to eat dinner and after we had planned to teach him about the book of mormon. We needed another woman, but no one was able to come with us so we brought the elders. We got to phillips house and there was like 4 other people there. It was like a dinner party haha we ate delicious food and answered a lot of there questions about the church. Everything was going fine when another guest showed up. Guess WHO it was????? Elvis. It was a Danish Elvis inpersonater. Those three Words should never be used in the same sentence haha. We thought he was a stripper!!!!!! I was freaking out. oh my goodness I didn't know what to do and no one was saying anything! So I simply said, "Uh, I don't feel comportable." Elvis started singing and I was just like okay if he start

s to take his clothes off I am so out of here. I had my escape route planned and everything. After one song our district leader got us out of there. I don't know if he was a stripper or what, but all of us were like what the heck just happened. haha The elders said that our faces were priceless when we saw elvis walk in through the door. and appearently instead of just saying I don't feel comfortable I actually yelled it. haha I guess I was panicking, but we made it out of there okay, and nothing happened. It was so weird. I never thought in a million years that I would see that on my mission. haha It was so bizarre.

Today is Sister Bishops birthday so we have been doing shopping. It was like the first time I had been in a mall since, well since the Apartment burnt Down. I felt so out of place! I kept nocking Things off the hangers and racks and I was just like okay, i need to get our of here. haha I bet you never thought you'd hear me say that huh?

So yeah. Those were the highlights of the week. i'm doing well and enjoying Lyngby. The weather was great last week, but these past couple of days it has been rainy and windy, How is the weather at home?

Okay. Well. I hope you all have a great week! I love you sooooooooo much! Thank you for your emails they always make me so happy. I love you!

Love Katherine   

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hej min familie (Letter From Katherine - 03/10/2014)


Another week has come and gone. I have been transferred to Lyngby. It's near Copenhagen and President is actually in my Ward ha ha. Guess who is my companion?? Sister Bishop! we were companions in the MTC. It's kind of fun to be reunited. It feels really good to be here. It's kind of hard to explain, but I've never felt so good about transfers before, but I am really excited to be here. I left Esbjerg early this morning, and I have to admit I was up a Little late packing:/ I hate packing. I almost have a panic attack every time ha ha. I had all my clothes in my bag and I was like okay, this isn't working so I went through them and took a few Things out that I didn't need anymore. I ended up packing lighter than a lot of the elders. How about that? Moving luggage from train to train to bus is always a process, but it always Works out just fine. My bike is still in Esbjerg, but one of the elders will be bringing it when he comes to Copenhagen on Wednesday. I am sooooo grateful I didn't have to take it with me today. It would have been impossible.

Yesterday was Emilie's baptism. It was wonderful. She was very ready to be baptized. It has been such a good experience teaching her and getting to know her Family better. I will always remember it. Esbjerg was great, but I felt ready to leave. It was hard saying goodbye to Ana Marie and Min. I didn't realize it would be that hard.

Saturday and Sunday was our stake conference. The missionaries were invited to attend the Saturday meeting in Aarhus. It was a really good meeting. Sister Vige and I rode up with a couple in our Ward and they took us out to eat before the meeting began. It was our birthday dinner:)

Thursday we had a zone conference in Aarhus. It was all about Family history and how it can be used to help us find people to teach. In the meeting I really had the impression that my Family history is part of why I am here in Denmark. It was really neat. I'm not exactly sure what it Means, but it was neat.

I'm kind of having a hard time thinking of Things that happened last week. I'm sorry!

sister Vige and I had a great birthday. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm sorry this is a lame email. I hope you all have a great week!

Love Katherine

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Letter From Katherine - 03/03/2014)

My dear family,

 First of all thank you so much for the birthday wishes! They have made my day:) I think it's really weird that I am twenty years old now. I'm so OLD! I am still with Sister Vige so we get to celebrate our birthdays together. It's kind of nice because neither one of us has to worry about making the day special for the other one:) haha

So this week has been pretty crazy. Monday evening we went to Horsens for exchanges. So we were there Monday night and pretty much all of Tuesday. I had a good time. I like exchanges, I think it's kind of fun to be in a different area for a day. plus, it's always good to see Sister Briscoe. We have a special bond because our apartment burnt down. haha I spent the majority of the day contacting people and doing a service project.

Wednesday there was a class that came to the church to see what it was all about. There were about 20 14 and 15 year olds. It's happened once before since I have been in Esbjerg. It went pretty well....At one point the girls went with the sisters and the boys went with the elders. The girls didn't say anything. Siter Vige and I were trying so hard to talk to them and get them to ask questions, but all that could be heard was the sound of crickets. Way awkward but funny. I always get the giggles in awkward situations. That must just be how I cope with them.

When we were finished with them we got a call from a member in the ward asking us if we would be on his tv show. He asked if we could do it thursday or friday but we couldn't. So sister Vige told him that we could do it right then. I was like NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! He told us he would make some calls and get back to us. Within 2 minutes he called back and asked us to be there in 45 minutes. I was not looking forward to it to say the least. Funny story, on the bus ride over to his recording studio I said a prayer in my head that I would be calm and confident. As soon as I said amen guess what song came on the radio?? This Girl is on Fire! haha I couldn't help but smile. So yeah, we were on tv. He recorded two interviews, the first one was 30 minutes long and the second was 14 minutes long. It went okay I think. But I was happy to have it over with.

Thursday we had our district activity in Sønderborg. It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect. We went to this castle and sculpture park and then went back to the church and made food. We were in Sønderborg for the majority of the day.

Friday we went to Copenhagen! We were able to attend the temple with Helge and her mom (Emilie's aunt and grandma) It was wonderful. I love the temple. It's about a 3 hour drive from Esbjerg and we did 2 endowment sessions and a lot of initiatory so we were there the whole day. Guess what happened while we were there? A man came into the womens dressing room asking for help because he had never been there before. Everyone was like what the? you can't be in here. Turns out he was a taxi driver looking for the old woman he was supposed to pick up. He appearently came in through the side door that was suppoed to be locked. Not good.

Saturday we were able to visit Ana Marie and Min. They are doing well, but there car has not been working well and they live 30 minutes away from the church. They were in church yesterday, but there car stopped 4 times on the way there. We also had a dinner appointment with Sofie, she is the one who knits. She came to sacrament meeting yesterday! I was so happy to see her there. She hasn't been to church in years.

Emilie is doing well and will be getting baptised this Sunday. She's cute. I taught her the gimme a break hand shake thing. It made me think of when Heather feather taught it to us that when we were in Nauvoo :)

So yeah, this week we were kind of all over Denmark. Things are going well and we will find out about transfers on wednesday. this week we have our zone conference in Århus. I am looking forward to seeing sister Packard.

Anyways, It was so good to hear from all of you. It sounds like you are having a good time in Midway. I love you!! Have a wonderful week.

Love Katherine


Hello my dear Family,

Guess what? So I think I told you that the sister missionary shoes that we bought before my mission survived the fire. Well Tuesday Sister Vige and I were like, okay we should try and Wear them. So we did it. I fell twice, and she tripped once, all in one day. They are way comfy, but super dangerous!!! I do have to admit though that the first time I fell Down the stairs in them I was trying to text someone at the same time. I thought the stairs ended, but there were about 4 steps left. haha I couldn't move my ankle for a bit so I just layed there and laughed. It was kind of bad but super funny. The second time after an appointment I was putting my coat on and I don't even know what happened but that same ankle just gave out and I was on the ground once Again. haha It hurt so bad! but it was quite funny. So then walking back to our appartment Sister Vige tripped and she went flying. She landed on her stomach and I thought I was going to wet my pants from laughing so hard. Don't worry, she didn't get hurt. We decided to put those shoes away for a Little while:)

It has been kind of an interesting week. A lot of times at the end of the day Sister Vige and I will say to each other, It's been a weird day. But, pretty much every day as a missionary is a weird day. Last pday it was pretty nice outside so we finally went to the Beach! We invited the elders to come with. how about that. We played a Little soccer, and it just reconfirmed to me that soccer has never been my sport. haha

So the Ward here in Esbjerg is pretty much all related. Bishop's parents our in the ward and last week his father passed away. Tuesday was the funeral, and Bishop wanted the missionaries there. His dad was such a sweet man. I think he was 86, but i'm not sure. I remember at the Christmas concert when Sister Packard and I had finshed our song and on our way back to our seats he grabbed my hand and just smiled. He didn't let go for quite a while. I can't remember what he said, or if he said anything at all, but it was just so sweet.

Before the funeral began the Family was by the door greeting people and I was overwhelmed with their welcoming and loving hearts. It was a day for their father/husband/grandpa, but they were so loving and gracious towards everyone. IT was a really good experience for me.

We had an appointment with Emilie afterwards, and her Aunt Helge made us a good ol' American breakfast for dinner. It was so good! I do have to admit though, that I miss our home made syrup:) Helge actually invited Sister Vige and I to go to the temple with her on Friday. We are just waiting to see if we have permission from President. I would love to go to the temple so much.

We have been teaching a man named Thomas. He was a former Jehova's Witness. Our lessons with him are quite exciting! He keeps us on our toes haha but he actually is pretty accepting after some explination of course. Last week the member we took with us to his lesson started talking about the temple and baptisms for the dead. He was like what the?... We are also working with a girl from Huang! she is from China and she is awesome! Saturday we taught her Danish and then taught her about the gospel. After, we ate lunch together. She made us some real chinese food and it was so spicy! but it was way good.

A few years ago there was a chinese girl here studying in Esbjerg and she actually got baptized. She has since returned home and now her Whole Family are members of the church. How cool would it be if the same thing happened with Huang? It has been interesting teaching her because she really has no background on christianity. She is so sweet and i'm really enjoying her.

Ana Marie and Min are doing well, but their car isn't working. I can't remember if I told you, but Ana Marie is pregnant and she has been pretty sick. Other than that though they are doing well. Sister Packard's mom sent them the children book of mormon and they were so excited about it! they love it.

ummmm let's see...Today we will be going to Horsens for splits so that should be fun. Transfers are coming up on the 10th. I have a feeling that I will be leaving but ya never know.

IT sounds like you have had a very busy week. Time really is flying I can't believe it. It's almost March! I hope you all know that I love you very much. Have a wonderful week!

Love Katherine

Letter From Katherine - 02/17/2014

Hi Family,

Things are going well here in Esbjerg. Last Monday we were able to finally meet with the girl from the library! I don't know if I have told you about her, but she is always here in the library and she is quite the hoot. A while back we got her number and have tried to set something up. Last week she came up to us and was like okay, when do you want to meet, and we said tonight. So that night we met her at the church, gave her a church tour and baked cookies with her. Cookies get people to like you. haha it works. Later in the week we met with her again and watched the Joseph Smith video. She really liked it.

Tuesday we spent a lot of time with helping a member in our ward clean a farm house. We cleaned the kitched cubarbs- how in the world do you spell cubarbs? It took quite a while, but afterwards we got a tour of the farm! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me:( but it was just a cow milking farm, so we pretty much saw all of the cows and where they were milked. It was fun. After the service project we had an appointment with a young man named Thomas. Problem was we didn't have time to change out of our service clothes so we changed behind this shed thing. The member we were with thought that that was pretty funny.

Wednesday we had our zone training in Frederecia. After Sister Vige and I went  lunch with some of the elders. Elders.... haha

Ana Marie and Min are doing well. We are trying to get them to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead. It's kind of hard because it's pretty expensive for them to travel to Copenhagen. There car also has stopped working. not good. they live about 30 minutes away from the church and it's pretty expensive to buy a train ticket for all four of them. I'm hoping and praying that there car will be up and running soon.

I played the piano in sacrament meeting. it was kind of sad doing it without the violin!

This week wasn't too exciting so I don't really have much to say. I'm sorry!

It sounds like last week was pretty crazy for all of you. I am so grateful to hear that Christina is doing okay. I'm sure that was quite the scare. I'm so grateful that we have a Heavenly Father who knows us, loves us and has a plan for us. I trust him. 

The weather is wonderful here in Esbjerg today. We are going to the beach! I will take pictures. I love you all so so much and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love Katherine  

hvasså? (Letter From Katherine - 02/10/2014)

Hello my dear Family!

We have had another lovely week here in Esbjerg. I have been able to notice the days staying lighter longer, so that that has been great. It actually seems to be kind of Warming up. I'm hoping for an early spring. In the beginning of the week the sun even shone (is shone a Word?) for two days in a row! It was wonderful! I think now that I have lived in Denmark during the Winter I have a new appreciation for the sun. haha I seem to begin all of my emails home with a description of the weather. Small talk...haha

So lets see. what happened last week. We are still teaching Emilie, and it has been a lot of fun. We try to come up with creative ways to help her understand the gospel principles. Last week we talked to her about keeping the sabbath day holy. We had ice cream, and it represeanted Sunday. We had all sorts of different toppings, chocolate sauce, ketchup, salt and pepper, sprinkles. etc. So we used the example of going shopping on sunday is like putting ketchup on ice cream etc. Not sure if how i'm describing this is making sense... but spending time with Family on sunday is like putting the chocolate sauce on the ice cream, and we just used different examples like that. It was a lot of fun. I remember one of the counselors at EFY did it with us an ever since then I have wanted to try it.

So in the beginning of December Sister Packard and I contacted this woman on the street named Britta. She seemed very posotive and gave us her contact information. We tried calling her many times, but never got an answer. One day I thought hey, we should try calling her Again. I'm so glad that we did because she answered and we were able to Schedule an appointment with her. Just last week we went to Vejen, where she lives, and taught her the restoration. It went really well. We invited her to be baptized on the 15 of March and she said yes. She told us to make sure and write that date Down so she doesn't forget haha after that lesson I was like okay, that was too easy she is extremely prepared. She knew some members a long time ago and she told us that she wanted what they had. She was just waiting for the opportunity.

I remember when Sister Packard and I contacted her, we didn't have any strong impressions that we needed to talk to her, she was just the next person on the street. She was super posotive, but when we tried calling her we never got an answer. I tried calling a bunch of times and i'm honestly surprised that I didn't just stop trying.  I just think it's really neat because now looking back on the situation we can see how the Holy Ghost was really guiding us and helping us with the decisions we made, like contacting her and continuing to try and call her.

Guess what? we ate crocodile this week! I can now say that I have eaten something crazy on my mission. It actually didn't taste bad. But i'm not sure why they chose crocodile haha for dessert we had licorice cup cakes. The Danes love their licorice!

So the week before last week we met this super cool asian girl. Last week we taught her and her friend Danish. It was a lot of fun! We gave them a tour around the church, showed them the church website, and then taught some Danish. They don't have any understanding of christianity, I couldn't believe it. They were super interested and they loved that the church is World wide. They also loved looking at all the different temples. It was great! *^-^*

You know Sofie? She's the one that knitted me a sweater. She also knitted one for my future child. It is so dang cute. I will attach a Picture. We had a dinner appointment with her on saturday and she has this super cool ice cream machine. So guess what flavor of ice cream we had for dessert? Yep, You guessed it, Licorice! haha it was way good.

Jamen Altså...that's pretty much it for the week.

Oh I almost forgot! So we had a lesson with Ana Marie and Min and we talked about the Holy Ghost. We asked them to share experiences that they have had since having the gift of the Holy Ghost. Ana Marie talked about always having a Peace of mind and Min said he can understand the scriptures like he has never been able to before. They said it's so different than before. They also talked about how they didn't have any Money for tithing so they paid it anyway:) they said they ended up having Money left over for the month. I love hearing the experiences they are having. They are so wonderful. Last week Min said, "If you need anything just say sister, We're Family" I almost broke Down in tears. I love them so much.

Things are going well. I can't believe how fast time is flying. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you!!!

Love Katherine

I can actually see the sun today! (Letter from Katherine - 02/02/2014)

Hello Family!

The sun is shining today! I would say that it even feels like spring, but the position of the sun makes it feel like it's fall. It's really weird. I'm just happy that the sun is out though. since being here in Esbjerg I can count on one hand how many times I have seen the sun. haha hopefully spring comes early this year!

Right now I have a migraine. So if my email doesn't make any sense i'm sorry. This is the first one I have had in forever. i was starting to think that I would never have one again. hah! who was I kidding?

Well now that I have informed you about the weather here in Esbjerg and my migraines I can get to the good stuff:)

Pretty much there isn't really nothing new. haha We got transfer calls last week and I will be staying here in Esbjerg. I'm happy with staying here, but I would have been fine leaving. This transfer is a short one though so I guess we will see what happens. Sister Vige and I will be able to celebrate our birthday together though, so that will be fun.

Last Monday we had an appointment with Emilie. She told us that she wants to be baptized, but she is worried about her dad. We taught her the restoration and it was a sweet experience. It's a completely different experience teaching a child. There is a special spirit there.

We had our district meeting in Sønderborg which was fun. It's supposed to be very beautiful, but I wouldn't know because it was snowing a lot so we couldn't really tell what the city looked like. The elders in Sønderborg said that the only way we could have our district meeting there was if I made cinnamon rolls. haha so the night before we made cinnamon rolls. We woke up at 5 and took like a 3 hour train to Sønderborg. It was fun.

We also had exchanges in horsens with the sister training leadesrs. I was reunited with Sister Briscoe! One of the less actives they have been working with invited the missionaries to go to her church, the 7 day advent church...or something like that. So we went and stayed for their fælles spisning. We totally got fellowshipped by them. haha there was a group of young single adults there that were from Moldovia. one of them was pretty attractive. When we were talking to him sister Briscoe asked him where he works at, but he understood it as where do you work out. hahahahahaha I had a hard time trying not to laugh. After our experience there we went to an appointment. The son of the lady we went to visit couldn't find his passport and he was supposed to be leaving for the U.S. that night. So we all prayed together to find it, and then we searched the apartment from top to bottom. I'm sure Carlos, (the son) loved having sister missionaries go through everything in his room. haha poor kid. We ended not being able to find it. I really thought we would be able to. But we called later that night to see if they had found it, and it turns out that one of his friends had it. After that we gave Isabella's dad a church tour. Isabella is the girl in odense who was recently baptized. Her family lives in horsens and has shown some interest in the church. So all in all we had a good time in Horsens.

Okay so yesterday Josephina came to church. Josephina is the woman from the congo. She is a hoot! She took the train to esbjerg, but didn't have any money to take the bus to the church. So after sacrament meeting we went on splits and I rode with one of the members to go and pick josephina up. She looked beautiful! She was wearing her african clothing, head dress and all. Elder Hansen said, "wow, it looks like she came straight from the mother land." haha She looked great! in relief society the relief society president asked for Sister Vige and I to share how our work has been going. We talked a little bit about our goals and who we have been working with. I also said something along the lines of and we have a friend here to day, her name is josephina. As soon Josephina heard her name she came up to the front of the room and started introducing herself. Not only was it an introduction but it was pretty much her life story. haha I was like okay how am I going to get her to sit back down without being rude. about 15 min later I was able to finally wrap it up. haha it was funny. 
That was pretty much our week. Actually that's not true. but those are the main things that happened. 

It was fun reading that you went to the Carl Bloch exhibit. When I first got to the land I was able to go to the Frederiksberg castle and see a lot of his paintings. We probably saw some of the exact same paintings on different sides of the world! crazy! 

Well. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you so much! 

Love Katherine 

ps. you know you are in Denmark when the sale licorice flavored potatoe chips. haha

Jeg fryser!

Hej min familie!!!!!!

Okay so pretty much it is so cold here! a couple of weeks ago when we were at a zone training I was talking to some other missionaries about how this winter hasn't even been bad. They all laughed and said just wait. haha It has been a pretty mild winter and I honestly thought that it would just stay that way. Boy was I wrong! It is so dang cold. But no worries, I have a very warm coat, and at the end of the day Sister Vige and I soak our feet in hot water. So it's all good:) We actually got a lot of snow last night and it has been snowing on and off today. Anyways, enough about the weather!

Things are going well here in good ol' Esbjerg. Last week we were able to teach Emilie the plan of salvation. It was surprising to me how many questions she had about the plan of salvation, but she has really been giving it a lot of thought. She told us that she would like to live in the Celestial kingdom, but she's not so sure that she wants to be baptized. haha she's cute.

We taught Analine and Kurt the plan of Salvation as well. Everytime we I have been in their home thing have been a little hectic. There 3 year old son is always doing something crazy, Kurt is always bringing up the most random things ever, and Analine is trying to prepare food. haha but this time was so different. There little boy was quietly playing while Analine and Kurt were both sitting at the table with Sister Vige and I. They both listened with a sincere interest. It's crazy how different they are than the people I i knew just a few months ago.

I love teaching the plan of salvation. It is always a good reminder to me of how much our father in Heaven loves each and every one of us. His plan for us is so perfect.

Saturday we went to varde. It's like a 20 min. train ride. We have a couple of investigators out there. Josephin, from the Congo and her danish boyfriend Alex. Everytime we teach them it's always an experience. haha I love it, they are great. Once we got back to Esbjerg we took the bus out to our next appointment with Sophie. We made dinner with her. As soon as we got there she said she needed us to run to the store and buy some onions. At first she said one of you needs to go buy the onions, but when we explained to her that we had to go togeter she asked if we could both fit on the scooter. we were like what? she told us that we could take her old person bike scooter thing. You know the things that handicapped/old people use in the grocery stores. yeah, it was one of those. So we checked in the white handbook, and guess what? it doesn't say anything about those so we rode it to the store. haha it was quite the experience.

We have been doing quite a lot of door knocking and believe it or not I think it is so fun. We have been able to talk to a lot of people about the gospel. Even if there not too interested it is always a good experience. We were able to talk to a young woman from Norway so that was pretty cool. At first when I started talking to her in Danish she wasn't so open and she was speaking what I thought was swedish. Sister Vige could tell right away that this girl was Norweigan she began talking to her in Norweigan and before I knew it we had an appointment with her set up for the next week. haha I just kind of stood there smiling. I could understand some of it though so that was kind of cool.

But yeah, things are going well here. I can't believe how fast time is flying. I hoe you all have a great week and that you know how much I love you!!

I love you! Love Katherine

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Davs! (Letter From Katherine - 01/20/2014)

Greetings from Esbjerg!!!

Well, another week has come and gone. I can't believe how fast time is flying. It has been super windy and cold lately, but my coat is awesome. This week we have worked hard to find a family to teach. We knock doors in the evening in hopes that familes will be home together at that time. We have met some pretty interesting people...haha

So not too much is new.

We were able to begin teaching Emelie, she is a little girl whose mom passed away last summer. Emelie grew up in Norway. Sister Vige, was actually her primary teacher there, but she now lives with her aunt an uncle here in Denmark. We taught her God is our loving Heavenly Father. It was such a sweet experience. We talked to her about prayer and the Holy Ghost. We were teaching her different ways that she might feel the Holy Ghost. Helge, Emilie's aunt talked about an experience Emilie had and Helge told Emilie that that was the Holy Ghost. Emilie responded with, "okay so it's kind of what i'm feeling right now." There really is such a special spirit involved when teaching children.

Thursday Sister Vige and I went to Fanø. It's a little island next to Ebjerg. We took the ferie there, so that was kind of fun. The weather was not so good though. There are a couple of members that live ther and we had an eating appointment with one of them named Else. Else is 93 years old! She is a hoot!!! After we had eaten dinner and were chatting a little bit I asked if I could use the bathroom. She told me that I didn't need to ask, to just go. While I was in the bathroom I heard sister Vige laughing way hard and I wondered what was so funny. After the appointment Sister Vige told me that when I had asked if I could use the bathroom Else thought I said "må jeg prutte?" Which means, may I fart. hahah it was funny. We asked Else to think of someone that she could invite to church, she then asked, "you want me to find you someone that you can teach in my home?" we just went along with it and said yes. haha she then said, "okay, i'll see what I can do." All in all it was a great eating appointment!  

This week we were also able to get into the home of some previous investigators. Early in december they told Sister Packard and I that we could come back after the holidays. So we tried, and tried, and tried, but they were never home. This week they were finally home! They had recently had a baby and Analine (the mother) had been in the hospital for about a month. The spirit has really softened their hearts because they are much more willing to learn about the gospel now than they ever were before.

 One thing that I have really noticed this week is how special prayer is. We have had many opportunities to pray with people as we have contacted on the street and knocked doors. one of the neat experiences we had was when we talked to this greenlandic woman on her doorstep for a while. She wasn't really interested in us coming back, but before we left we said a prayer with her. during the prayer she strated crying and after she gave both of us a big hug and told us to come back anytime. :)

I think sometime I take for grantid how precious prayer really is. Thursday morning I was just kind of feeling a little bit down. We were riding our bikes to the church for district meeting and I wished that I could talk to my parents because I was just really needing some words of encouragement. I then remembered that although I can't call mom or dad right now, I can ALWAYS no matter where or when talk to my Father in Heaven. So while riding my bike I told Heavenly Father how I was feeling. I have never had a district meeting that has been so uplifting. Heavenly Father answered my prayer and provided me with the encouragement that I needed. It was a really neat experience for me. 

Well! I think that's about it. I hope you all know how much I love you and how grateful I am for your prayers. I hope you all have a great whatever holiday it is today and a wonderful rest of the week! I love you! <3 

Love Katherine     

Hallo, Hei, god dag, javell- my norweigan is better than my Danish haha (Letter From Katherine - 01/13/2014)

Hallo familie!

Okay so I told you last week that I was pretty sad that Sister Packard was being transferred. It has been weird not having her here in Esbjerg and I have missed her, but I am absolutely loving Sister Vige. She is so much fun!

Wednesday Sister Packard and I took the train to Frederecia where Sister Packard met up with her new companion and continued on her way to Aalborg. Sister Vige was there waiting for me and we went straight to the zone training. I like zone trainings, it's always fun to see everybody. Our mission has placed emphasis on finding families, so our zone set the goal of being out finding from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm when families our most likely to be home. So Sister Vige and I have been doing a lot of contacting and knocking during those two hours. We have been having a lot of fun with it. Yesterday, we contacted this girl from Romania. There was kind of a language barrior. When we were just about finished talking to her we asked if we could say a prayer with her. She was so confused. After like 5 times of trying to explain prayer she finally said yes! She then gave us both a hug and walked away. hahahah it was funny. I guess prayer and hug are kind of similiar....? But hey, she's meeting us at the church on Tuesday so we can show her around. That is, if she can find the church.  

We were also able to talk to this woman who has had an extremely hard life. She was abused as a child and has been alone her Whole life. You should have seen her face light up when we told her that she has a loving Heavenly Father who loves her and has a plan for her. We tried really hard to get a return appointment with her, but she said she will come to church first. Hopefully!!!

Saturday we went to Odense! After 7 sister missionaries, Isabella was baptized! It was a wonderful baptism. It was fun to be in Odense and see the Ward members. I also finally picked up my bike. It has been in Odense since I transferred because they have bikes here in Esbjerg. I thought I better pick it up though. It's still working great and in really good condition! I also was able to see the remodled Apartment. It looks really good. Better than it ever looked when I lived there. I can't remember if I told you, but after the fire when they were getting the furniture out they moved one of the really big dressers and appearently the wall was covered with Black mold. So the fire actuallyl saved us all from dieing of Black mold.

Abia and Min both recieved the pristhood on Sunday! That was really exciting. Abia was baptized in June and still hadn't recieved the pristhood. I can't believe how big the Ward in Riverton is getting. That's crazy!

I finally saw the ocean since being here in Esbjerg! I also so the four White men statues. I wasn't able to take Pictures though because we were biking to an appointment. I ended up getting us lost. oops. Luckily Sister Vige is super patient with me! She is probably one of the most posotive people I have ever met. It's good for me. Not that i'm negative or anything... haha I'm just a realist! We also have the same Birthday! she is just one year older than me.

Things are going well though. I feel like this past week I have been able to recognize the changes that have taken place within me since I have been on my mission. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. I want to be like him and I know that through his atonement we can be like Him. What a wonderful Blessing it is to help others feel of his love. He is hastening his work and it so incredible to be a part of it.

I love you all and am praying for you. Have a great week! Have soooo much fun celebrating Mom's birthday! Love you!

Love Katherine   

1. Isabella's baptism
2. Sister Vige
3. Sister Vige with her helmet on over her bun. hahah
4. The sun was shining yesterday. I actually saw the sun! I had forgotten how great it is. haha and today it's snowing. oh Denmark. 

Sad but blessed week (Letter From Katherine - 01/06/2014)

Hej familie,

It has been kind of a sad week. We found out that Sonia will not be able to be baptized on saturday because of her muslim background. It was pretty discouaging. We have been trying to figure her situation out so we have been on the phone with president kind of  alot. I'm sure he just loves us. haha but one day he called and we just assumed that it was about Sonia. Turns out that Sister Packard will be leaving Esbjerg. I am so sad. Serioiusly, I have always been pretty ready for a change by the time transfers roll around, but not this time. Not even one bit! It's not even real transfers time so we had no idea it was coming. Sister Nuttal will be going home and there is a tri companionship that can be balanced out since she is leaving. So I will be getting Sister Vige. She is from Norway so she can speak Danish very well. I'm excited to have her as a companion, but like i said before I am so sad that I will not be serving with Sister Packard anymore. Remember that lady from fiji I told you about? Her father was baptized 4 years before he died? yeah, well she dropped us. I've had investigators drop us before, but never before has it been so hard for me. I was so excited about her! So there were some pretty big disappointments this week, but one thing that I truly have learned is that trying times are an indication of blessings to come.

Boy, have I seen some amazing blessings this week. Abia (a recent convert who was baptized in July) and Min will both be receiving the priesthood this coming Sunday! this may not seem like big news to you, but for some reason Abia never received the priesthood and he was baptized in July. Sister Packard and I were determined to not let the same thing happen to Min. Well I'm not sure what went down, but bishop told us yesterday that they will both be getting the priesthood on sunday. We are so excited!!!!!!! Bishop also told us about a little girl in the ward who is 9 and hasn't been baptized. He said that her parents wanted her to begin being taught by the missionaries, but they weren't sure if the wanted the elders or the sisters doing the teaching. I had no idea that this little girl had not been baptized yet, and then it dawned one me that Sister Vige knows this little girl because they are both from Norway or something like that. There is some connection with them and being from Norway. So I told Bishop that Sister Vige knows her! and he called the family up right then and there and they were like okay, we will have the sisters teach her. It's just so neat, because the timing is so perfect. The parents of this little girl had no idea that Sister Vige was coming, but they wanted their daughter to begin being taught by the missionaries. It is definitely not a coincidence that Sister Vige will be serving here in Esbjerg at this time.

So a few things that I need to fill you in on. We had our district activity, and yes we did go ice skating. yay!!! some of the elders opted out. lame. but we still had a good time. After ice skating we went to Ribe, which is like the oldest city in Denmark. It was beautiful. Foggy, but beautiful. We went to a really cool church there, and just kind of walked around. We were excited to go to the viking museum, but it was unfortunately closed. It was fun.

New years was super funny. So this man in our ward invited the missionaries to come to his house for new years. We even got to stay out until one. Crazy I know! So this man in our ward, Jens ole Byskov is so cool. I'm exactly sure on the details of this story, but it goes something like this. He loves birds and has been all over the world to see birds. When he was in Napal he met a boy and well, he adopted him. I'm not exactly sure how old the boy was, but he ended up being baptized here in Denmark and then serving a mission in India. ha pretty cool. We had a good time New years eve. They do fireworks like crazy here! The next day we were able to sleep in until 9. yeah, we're living large. and then every missionary in denmark had the opportunity to deep clean their apartment. Holy cow it took forever!

We went to Ana Marie and Min's on monday to do Family home evening with them. They were so so sweet. They found out that members feed us sometimes, so they fed us dinner. It was yummy burmeese and philippino food. I didn't know that the chicken was still on the bones, I thought it was like chicken strips so I put it in my mouth and though wow, this is really crunchy, turns out it was bones. haha since I'm talking about food I will tell you that last night at the BISHOP'S house I accidently ate an alcohol chocolate. The first bit into it I was like oh my gosh this is alcohol and it burned! I panicked so, well I just swallowed it. I didn't want to make a scene but I was like freaking out on the inside. Afterwards I told Sister Packard and she just laughed. it was pretty funny, but also kind of really upsetting. I never would have thought I would be tasting alcohol on my mission! a little bit after I had eaten the chocolate the Bishop's daughter took a few chocolates out of the bowl and threw them away saying that they had alcohol in them. i thought to myself hah, too late :/
Sunday in Sacrament meeting Sister Packard and I were able to play one last time toghether, well atleast one last time for now:) We played a song out of the book that Christina sent me. It has been such a huge blessing being able to play with her. I am so grateful. Christina- the book you sent is awesome by the way. thank you!!!  

So yeah, that's pretty much it I think. I hope you all have a wonderful week. You are always in my prayers. I love you!

Love Katherine   

Happy New Year! (Letter From Katherine - 01/04/2014)


So today I actually don't have much time to e-mail because our p-day has been shortened. But I want to let all of you know that i love you so very much and that it was so wonderful to talk to you and see you on Christmas day, I loved it so so much! Thank you for the gifts, it was so much fun to open them. I would send Pictures home, but I accidentaly left my camera at the Apartment. I will fill you in on all the details when I email NeXT week. Sorry this is so short!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Love Katherine

ps. We did go ice skating for our district meeting and it was way fun. We also went to Ribe, the oldest city in denmark. I will send Pictures NeXT week. Love you!