Monday, March 10, 2014

hvasså? (Letter From Katherine - 02/10/2014)

Hello my dear Family!

We have had another lovely week here in Esbjerg. I have been able to notice the days staying lighter longer, so that that has been great. It actually seems to be kind of Warming up. I'm hoping for an early spring. In the beginning of the week the sun even shone (is shone a Word?) for two days in a row! It was wonderful! I think now that I have lived in Denmark during the Winter I have a new appreciation for the sun. haha I seem to begin all of my emails home with a description of the weather. Small talk...haha

So lets see. what happened last week. We are still teaching Emilie, and it has been a lot of fun. We try to come up with creative ways to help her understand the gospel principles. Last week we talked to her about keeping the sabbath day holy. We had ice cream, and it represeanted Sunday. We had all sorts of different toppings, chocolate sauce, ketchup, salt and pepper, sprinkles. etc. So we used the example of going shopping on sunday is like putting ketchup on ice cream etc. Not sure if how i'm describing this is making sense... but spending time with Family on sunday is like putting the chocolate sauce on the ice cream, and we just used different examples like that. It was a lot of fun. I remember one of the counselors at EFY did it with us an ever since then I have wanted to try it.

So in the beginning of December Sister Packard and I contacted this woman on the street named Britta. She seemed very posotive and gave us her contact information. We tried calling her many times, but never got an answer. One day I thought hey, we should try calling her Again. I'm so glad that we did because she answered and we were able to Schedule an appointment with her. Just last week we went to Vejen, where she lives, and taught her the restoration. It went really well. We invited her to be baptized on the 15 of March and she said yes. She told us to make sure and write that date Down so she doesn't forget haha after that lesson I was like okay, that was too easy she is extremely prepared. She knew some members a long time ago and she told us that she wanted what they had. She was just waiting for the opportunity.

I remember when Sister Packard and I contacted her, we didn't have any strong impressions that we needed to talk to her, she was just the next person on the street. She was super posotive, but when we tried calling her we never got an answer. I tried calling a bunch of times and i'm honestly surprised that I didn't just stop trying.  I just think it's really neat because now looking back on the situation we can see how the Holy Ghost was really guiding us and helping us with the decisions we made, like contacting her and continuing to try and call her.

Guess what? we ate crocodile this week! I can now say that I have eaten something crazy on my mission. It actually didn't taste bad. But i'm not sure why they chose crocodile haha for dessert we had licorice cup cakes. The Danes love their licorice!

So the week before last week we met this super cool asian girl. Last week we taught her and her friend Danish. It was a lot of fun! We gave them a tour around the church, showed them the church website, and then taught some Danish. They don't have any understanding of christianity, I couldn't believe it. They were super interested and they loved that the church is World wide. They also loved looking at all the different temples. It was great! *^-^*

You know Sofie? She's the one that knitted me a sweater. She also knitted one for my future child. It is so dang cute. I will attach a Picture. We had a dinner appointment with her on saturday and she has this super cool ice cream machine. So guess what flavor of ice cream we had for dessert? Yep, You guessed it, Licorice! haha it was way good.

Jamen Altså...that's pretty much it for the week.

Oh I almost forgot! So we had a lesson with Ana Marie and Min and we talked about the Holy Ghost. We asked them to share experiences that they have had since having the gift of the Holy Ghost. Ana Marie talked about always having a Peace of mind and Min said he can understand the scriptures like he has never been able to before. They said it's so different than before. They also talked about how they didn't have any Money for tithing so they paid it anyway:) they said they ended up having Money left over for the month. I love hearing the experiences they are having. They are so wonderful. Last week Min said, "If you need anything just say sister, We're Family" I almost broke Down in tears. I love them so much.

Things are going well. I can't believe how fast time is flying. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you!!!

Love Katherine

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