Sunday, August 3, 2014

Letter from Katherine (04/28/2014)

Hello Family!

Well let's see...what has happened this week...

Today we had transfers. It's a lot less stressful when you're not the one moving:) Sister Bishop transfered to Odense. The weather has been gorgeous lately so it has been reminding me of Odense since that is where I was last summer. After getting Sister Bishop to the train I had a couple of hours before Sister Sheradin arrived. Two of the other sisters were waiting for the companions to come as well so we decided to go do something fun. Sister Peterson, Sister hadley and i went and saw the Little Mermaid! It was soooo fun! We had a good time together. Sister Sheradin has made it here safe and sound. I think I will enjoy her.  

Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference. Both meetings were very nice. President Dykes from the 70 spoke at both meetings and he did a really good job. Saturday was kind of crazy because we had to travel to Roskilde for the meeting and we were planning on taking public transportation, but one of the s tog stations decided to catch on fire. It was pretty hectic but we were able to get a ride from Bishop's wife. haha funny story. Sister Bishop and I went to the mal to grab something to eat before we had to catch our ride and on our way out i went through the spinning doors and it must have been super clean or something because I thought the door was finished and I walked right into the glass. It was pretty funny. Sister Bishop and I both had a really good laugh. At the Saturday meeting the stake president spoke a Little bit about the missionary that recently was killed in Sweden. He said that the day the missionary was killed was the day of his first baptism in the land. He talked about how the missionary had written in his journal that it was the best day of his life and he also had written about how he knew that his life on earth would sould come to an end. His talk was very touching. Sunday they held the meeting in a music gymnasium. You could tell that the auditorium was build for music because the choir sounded so good! Jette was at stake conference and she absolutely loved it. A girl named Amalie was also there. She was an Exchange studen in Las Vegas and she lived with some members. The sisters before me worked with her, but yesterday was the first time I have met her and she is super awesome. Her Schedule has been crazy so she hasn't been able to meet, but we have an appointment with her tomorrow and i'm hoping that she will be able to meet more frequently.
I'm not going to lie, i'm having a hard time emailing right now. I am sooooo tired.

I think I told you

about hte easter egg hunt last week. It was a lot of fun. After we met with a man named Alex. he is from Ghana and he actually is a member of the church. We invited him to stake conference and sure enough, he was there. He told our Ward mission leader that he wants to start coming to church, so taht was pretty exciting.

We have met with Natalia quite frequently, but last week she told Sister Bishop and I that she needed to take a pause. She said that she still will pray and read the book of mormon and live the Word of wisdom etc.. but she needes to take a break from meeting with the missionaries and coming to church. So we'll see what happens. she was not happy about sister Bishop leaving.

A lot of the senior couple missionaries went home today. Elder and Sister hansen, the office couple went home so sister Bishop and I had lunch with Sister Hansen last week. It was a lot of fun. It's kind of sad that they are leaving. The Ivie's went home today as well. They were the senior couple in Odense. I can't believe that is already time for them to go home. Weird.

We had a fun eating appointment with a member named Esther. We went to her house and washed her Windows while the elders organized some of her papers and cooked dinner. It was fun.

Sister Bishop and I also ate with the von Scheel Family. Bro. von scheel is actually working in Canada right now and Sis. von scheel is waiting for the house to sale. They have a son on a mission in Greece and a son WHO is serving in England. He has actually been home because of his Health. The doctors aren't sure what it is, but he sleeps a lot. Sister Bishop and I went over to see them and he almost fell asleep while we were talking to them. It was sad but a Little bit funny. Hopefully he gets feeling better so he can return to his mission.

It will be weird not having Sister Bishop here, but I actually think it will help me get to know the area and Ward better. I am pretty excited that I will get to bike Again. i have missed riding a bike! Sister Bishop had a doctors appointment last week and they think that she might have fibromyalgi. It will be interesting to see what has been the cause of her pain.

I think that's about it. I am way tired, but happy:) I hope you have a wonderful week! i love you!

Love Katherine

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