Monday, March 10, 2014

Hej min familie (Letter From Katherine - 03/10/2014)


Another week has come and gone. I have been transferred to Lyngby. It's near Copenhagen and President is actually in my Ward ha ha. Guess who is my companion?? Sister Bishop! we were companions in the MTC. It's kind of fun to be reunited. It feels really good to be here. It's kind of hard to explain, but I've never felt so good about transfers before, but I am really excited to be here. I left Esbjerg early this morning, and I have to admit I was up a Little late packing:/ I hate packing. I almost have a panic attack every time ha ha. I had all my clothes in my bag and I was like okay, this isn't working so I went through them and took a few Things out that I didn't need anymore. I ended up packing lighter than a lot of the elders. How about that? Moving luggage from train to train to bus is always a process, but it always Works out just fine. My bike is still in Esbjerg, but one of the elders will be bringing it when he comes to Copenhagen on Wednesday. I am sooooo grateful I didn't have to take it with me today. It would have been impossible.

Yesterday was Emilie's baptism. It was wonderful. She was very ready to be baptized. It has been such a good experience teaching her and getting to know her Family better. I will always remember it. Esbjerg was great, but I felt ready to leave. It was hard saying goodbye to Ana Marie and Min. I didn't realize it would be that hard.

Saturday and Sunday was our stake conference. The missionaries were invited to attend the Saturday meeting in Aarhus. It was a really good meeting. Sister Vige and I rode up with a couple in our Ward and they took us out to eat before the meeting began. It was our birthday dinner:)

Thursday we had a zone conference in Aarhus. It was all about Family history and how it can be used to help us find people to teach. In the meeting I really had the impression that my Family history is part of why I am here in Denmark. It was really neat. I'm not exactly sure what it Means, but it was neat.

I'm kind of having a hard time thinking of Things that happened last week. I'm sorry!

sister Vige and I had a great birthday. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm sorry this is a lame email. I hope you all have a great week!

Love Katherine

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