Sunday, August 3, 2014

God Påske! (Letter from Katherine - 04/22/2014)

Hello Family!

This week has been good. One of my favorite experiences was doing service for a woman who has m.s. She has met with the missionaries before but hasn't been taught by them in quite some time. Sister Bishop and I have been able to keep in touch with her, but everytome we went to visit her she either wasn't home or she wasn't so interested in having us there. Her m.s. is very dabilitating (is that a Word?..) and she is in a Wheel chair. SIster Bishop and I have thought that the best thing we could do for her would be to serve her, it was just a matter of her being willing to let us serve her. We decided that we would just show up at her house one day in service clothes ready to be put to Work. We were prayerful that she would be home and open to us helping her! Well, last week we showed up at her house and the door was wide open, good sign right? We called to her and she told us to come in. I think she was super confused, but we told her that we would love to help her with anything that she needed done. She put us to Work in her back yard. It was great! She has a son who is about 11 years old and he kept saying to her, Mom, it's so nice that there are people who care enough to help you because you can't do it. It was very touching. It was definitely an answer to our prayers that we were able to help her.

Wednesday we had dinner with Biskop and his Family and they invited us to bring a friend. We brought Natalia, the girl we have been teaching who is from Ukraine. After eating we shared an easter message about the Savior. The Bishop's daughter asked if we had seen the new video called because of him, we hadn't, so she showed it to us. Holy cow, it's so good. Sister Bishop and I have been showing it every opportunity we've had. We love it so much!

EAster is a 5 day holliday here so it was tough finding people at home. Saturday evening we had dinner with the elders. Sister Bishop and I made cafe rio pork and it cooked while we were out working. I was super worried that our Apartment would catch on fire. luckily it didn't. We have a picnic table in the back of our Apartment and the weather has been lovely so it was a lot of fun. 

We found a man in our area named Alex who is from AFrica, turns out he is a member!

Sunday we had Easter dinner at the Sederholm's. It was a lot of fun. It seriously is so fun being in their Ward.

Monday Ken Hall came to Sjælland to do an easter egg hunt with some of the missionaries. It was so fun!!! WE played a lot of egg games. I got egg all over me. It was gross but fun.
Oh yes, I almost forgot! Transfers. Sister Bishop is transfering to Odense, and I am getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Sheridan and she was in the MTC at the same time I was just in the other district.

one of the Pictures is from our eating appointment with the elders, the other at the easter egg hunt, and this random guy on the street gave sister Bishop and I roses.

Well. THat's about it I think. I'm sorry i'm not the best writer. there is like zero organization to my emails. But all that's important is that you know that I love you!!!!! I hope you all have a great week!

love Katherine

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