Monday, March 10, 2014

I can actually see the sun today! (Letter from Katherine - 02/02/2014)

Hello Family!

The sun is shining today! I would say that it even feels like spring, but the position of the sun makes it feel like it's fall. It's really weird. I'm just happy that the sun is out though. since being here in Esbjerg I can count on one hand how many times I have seen the sun. haha hopefully spring comes early this year!

Right now I have a migraine. So if my email doesn't make any sense i'm sorry. This is the first one I have had in forever. i was starting to think that I would never have one again. hah! who was I kidding?

Well now that I have informed you about the weather here in Esbjerg and my migraines I can get to the good stuff:)

Pretty much there isn't really nothing new. haha We got transfer calls last week and I will be staying here in Esbjerg. I'm happy with staying here, but I would have been fine leaving. This transfer is a short one though so I guess we will see what happens. Sister Vige and I will be able to celebrate our birthday together though, so that will be fun.

Last Monday we had an appointment with Emilie. She told us that she wants to be baptized, but she is worried about her dad. We taught her the restoration and it was a sweet experience. It's a completely different experience teaching a child. There is a special spirit there.

We had our district meeting in Sønderborg which was fun. It's supposed to be very beautiful, but I wouldn't know because it was snowing a lot so we couldn't really tell what the city looked like. The elders in Sønderborg said that the only way we could have our district meeting there was if I made cinnamon rolls. haha so the night before we made cinnamon rolls. We woke up at 5 and took like a 3 hour train to Sønderborg. It was fun.

We also had exchanges in horsens with the sister training leadesrs. I was reunited with Sister Briscoe! One of the less actives they have been working with invited the missionaries to go to her church, the 7 day advent church...or something like that. So we went and stayed for their fælles spisning. We totally got fellowshipped by them. haha there was a group of young single adults there that were from Moldovia. one of them was pretty attractive. When we were talking to him sister Briscoe asked him where he works at, but he understood it as where do you work out. hahahahahaha I had a hard time trying not to laugh. After our experience there we went to an appointment. The son of the lady we went to visit couldn't find his passport and he was supposed to be leaving for the U.S. that night. So we all prayed together to find it, and then we searched the apartment from top to bottom. I'm sure Carlos, (the son) loved having sister missionaries go through everything in his room. haha poor kid. We ended not being able to find it. I really thought we would be able to. But we called later that night to see if they had found it, and it turns out that one of his friends had it. After that we gave Isabella's dad a church tour. Isabella is the girl in odense who was recently baptized. Her family lives in horsens and has shown some interest in the church. So all in all we had a good time in Horsens.

Okay so yesterday Josephina came to church. Josephina is the woman from the congo. She is a hoot! She took the train to esbjerg, but didn't have any money to take the bus to the church. So after sacrament meeting we went on splits and I rode with one of the members to go and pick josephina up. She looked beautiful! She was wearing her african clothing, head dress and all. Elder Hansen said, "wow, it looks like she came straight from the mother land." haha She looked great! in relief society the relief society president asked for Sister Vige and I to share how our work has been going. We talked a little bit about our goals and who we have been working with. I also said something along the lines of and we have a friend here to day, her name is josephina. As soon Josephina heard her name she came up to the front of the room and started introducing herself. Not only was it an introduction but it was pretty much her life story. haha I was like okay how am I going to get her to sit back down without being rude. about 15 min later I was able to finally wrap it up. haha it was funny. 
That was pretty much our week. Actually that's not true. but those are the main things that happened. 

It was fun reading that you went to the Carl Bloch exhibit. When I first got to the land I was able to go to the Frederiksberg castle and see a lot of his paintings. We probably saw some of the exact same paintings on different sides of the world! crazy! 

Well. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you so much! 

Love Katherine 

ps. you know you are in Denmark when the sale licorice flavored potatoe chips. haha

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