Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hello! (Letter from Katherine - 03/31/2014

Hello Fam,

It has been a good week here in Copenhagen. I have been enjoying getting to know the members a lot. We have an awesome ward here. I think I already told you this, but I can't remember... the church Building is being remodeled and won't be finished until December. So for the time being our ward attends church in Allerød, which is just North of our Area. The ward in Allerød doesn't have sister missionaries, and when they saw Sister Bishop and I they thought they were getting sister missionaries and they were pretty excited, but then they realized that we were just from the other ward. Our Ward mission leader has been on vacation and I met him for the first time yesterday. He looks so much like Alan!!!!!!!! It was crazy!!!! Alan has a Danish Dopleganger. haha

So you remember the Hall Family? Ken hall lives in Odense, and he is Dane's (my Danish teacher from BYU) uncle. Well Ganne, Ken's mother and Dane's grandma passed away and saturday was her funeral. Ganne was in the Gladesaxe 2 ward, but I never got to meet her, because at that point she had moved to Odense to live with Ken. Her funeral was here in Copenhagen so I was able to attend. It was fun to see Dane and his family and some of the people from Odense. Lan Le, and Ninna were there too! I don't know if you remember them. lan Le is the one that would always feed us dinner, and Ninna was the woman that was baptized when I was in Odense. I just love them so much. It really was sooo good to see them. Ganne's funeral was beautiful. They had all the grandchildren share some of their favorite memories of her. Even though I never met her, just by knowing her Family I know that she was a wonderful woman.

Right now Sister Bishop and I have been working with a woman named Ellen. She is so wonderful. We showed her the restoration film and she absolutely loved it. She wants a copy so she can show all of her friends. I can't believe how accepting and believing she is. She has definitely been prepared.

Natalia is doing great. She is so much fun. We were able to Watch the Thomas S. monsen Biography with her. It's way good! If you haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend it. She was looking up where the church Buildings are in Ukraine and when she moves home the closest one to her is 3 hours away from where she lives. Crazy huh? We are so blessed to have so many church Buildings and temples close to us.

So we have been working with a Young man named Matti. He is 26 years old and is a member of the church but hasn't been active for quite some time. We had an appointment with him on Tuesday but it ended up Falling through because we couldn't find a woman to go with us. He texted us and pretty much said that we were wasting our time with him. The text we sent back was kind of super funny... needless to say, he was at church yesterday:)

Yesterday President and Sister Sederholm were in Odense, se they let us borrow the car so we could take their daughther Heather to church. After church we went back to their house and ate tacos. It was a lot of fun. Heather is a cute girl. After church I started getting a migraine and I didn't have my medicine with me. Rookie mistake! so by the end of the night I was not feeling so hot. But hey! I got to drive the Sederholm's car and eat tacos with Heather. haha

Yeah. That's pretty much it. Thank you so much for the emails, it is always so good to hear how you are all doing and what you have been up to. I am sooooo excited for general conference. General conference as a missionary is the best thing ever. We have some investigators who are planning on coming to Watch it with us, so hopefully it will be a good experience for them. We haven't seen the women meeting but they will be showing it on Saturday, so we will get to see it then. Sister Bishop and I will be attending the temple this Saturday :D I will get to see the new film. I am very excited to say the least.

Dad- I hope you have an awesome birthday. Make sure to celebrate the Whole week!!! Do you still eat at Wingers? The other day I just was really craving wingers. Sticky finger Quesodillas!

Well my dear Family, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you so much!

Love Katherine

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