Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Letter From Katherine (07/01/2013)

My dear Family,
You don't even understand. The food here. It's sooooooooo good!!! Holy cow. We had three eating appointments last week and they just about killed me. The first one was with a member named Ute. I love her. She is a widow, and boy can she Cook! It was a very traditional Danish meal. She gave us these Things that were kind of like frikadæller, but they weren't. they tasted so good. She also served potatoes of course, and vegetables. The danes drink saft. It comes in a Carton and you pour some into a pitcher and put Water in it. I like my saft strong! haha it's really really good. We also had dinner at Lan Le's Again. She is a hoot! she loves karaoke, so of course we sang with her, and then had a spiritual thought. She shared with us some very neat experiences she has had. She is extremely hard to understand because she has a very strong Vietnamese accent and she is speaking Danish:/ but it's okay because you can really feel of her spirit. She loves the missionaries. We also had an eating appointment at a member from the first ward's house. She had all the sisters come over for dinner. She had us all share our testimonies with her, and when we gained our testimonies. The spirit was so strong. and the food of course was delicious. She served pork, and they leave the skin on it to Cook so then it's like bacon on top. Seriously, the food is so good. They always feed us dessert too! I had rød grød miflød! not sure if that's how you spell it, but it's a famous Danish dessert and it is wonderful! Also I had this cake with marzipan on it and it was also delicious! I'm super embarrassed right now because I just realized that this whole paragraph is about food.... It's a good thing we bike everywhere becasue after every eating appointment I think to myself I can never eat again i'm so full. haha  Someone asked sister Briscoe if she was pregnant after our eating appointment on Saturday hahahah so funny. Anyways though, the members are taking good care of us.
On Sunday we had sacrament meeting and afterwards, they showed the missionary broadcast. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! It's so good. Ute came up to me afterwards and said she wanted to teach with us and she said the broadcast gave her chills. haha she is the sweetest, I love her!
Sister Nuttall and I spend a lot of time trying to visit less actives. It can be frustrating at times because we will bike all the way out there and they're either not home or they don't want anything to do with us. That's not the case with all of them though, so we will keep working on the less actives/ in actives.
We have investigators, but it is challenging scheduling appointments with them and getting them to progress. 3 of them don't speak Danish, so that is kind of a bummer as well. it's okay though. On Tuesday we had 2 investigators drop us. Aisha was one of them. She's the one that I asked if she would be baptized and she said yeah. It was super unexpected. that same day though we found like 3 new investigators. They are all a Little bit odd. and it's hard because the realist inside of me is doubtful, but i'm trying to overcome that! The other investigators that dropped us is named Aanders, he said he would never be a member of the church, but said if we needed help with anything he would be willing. So we asked him if I could "practice" giving him the lessons so I can Work on my Danish. haha he said yes, so we will see how that goes:)
I have gotten a lot better at riding a bike! We bike all day everywhere. I'm not going to lie. It's hard, but it's great exercise!
After Aisha and Aanders dropped us we went to visit a less active and I had a feeling that we should knock on the neighbors door. As a new missionary it's kind of hard to tell if Things like that are promptings or not, but the thought persisted so we knocked. The lady was very friendly and she recognized us as mormons. She is on vacation right now, but she wants us to come back. It was a cool experience for me becasue it helped me realize that when I have those thoughts they are promptings and it is extremely important to act on them!
I got grandma's letter and I loved it! Will you let her know that I got it, and tell her thank you for me. Hopefully I can get some letters off soon, but p-days are pretty busy. Today is just an Essentials p day becasue thursday we have a 4th of July activity at Dane's uncle's house.
speaking of Dane...I saw him here in Denmark! It was fun! he bought sister Nuttall and I ice cream. It was fun to see him. I think he e-mailed you a Picture, did you get it?
We had splits on saturday and that was interesting. When they came for splits we had two service Projects. We helped clear out two peoples Apartments who had passed away. I accidently spilled someones ashes.... yeah... that wasn't so great. Don't worry though! I didn't get in trouble or anything. haha
Everything is going well here in Denmark. There is a lot of Work to be done. Hopefully after watching the broadcast the members will hop on board.
Oh yeah, the weather is crazy! It has been so Cold here. I have been drinking lots of hot chocolate! If this is there Summer then I am worried for the Winter! A lot of people go on long vacations during the Summer and I can understand why. It's quite Cold here, even when the sun is out. The sun is almost never out. Im not complaining though. haha
I loved the Pictures! It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time in Yosemitie! I'm glad it has been decided that there will be another trip there in two years:) I love you all!
Love Katherine
It was sister Ripplinger's b-day last week so i made cupcakes:)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Letter From Katherine (06/24/2013)

  • Danmark er den bedste‏

    Hello my wonderful family!
    It sounds like you are having a great time at yosemitie! I enjoyed reading about what you have been doing.
    So funny story. Last week when I was sitting in the library waiting for sister Nuttall to finish on the computer this guy started talking to me. in danish of course. and the whole time I was just kind of nodding and smiling. Afterwords Sister Nuttall came up to me and told me that I had just agreed to meet him at some cafe. hahahaha sometimes nodding and smiling is nøt the best thing to do when you can't understand.
    The members here are awesome. i love them. We had dinner at a members house her name is Itta. IT WAS SO GOOD. seriously, I had to take my belt off on the way home. haha It's fun becasue the dinner appointments are sister nuttall and i as well as the two elders serving in our ward. After we had finished eating Itta showed us her basement. It's a very old house that has been in her family for quite some time. There was this book shelf that was a secret door that led to a room. They hid a jewish man in there during the hollocaust. How cool is that?!
    On tuesdays there is a young couple in the ward that has a language class with us. It's great! they have been so helpful to all of the missionareis here.
    We had an investigator go to the young single adults activity so we went as well, and it was a lot of fun to get to know all of the young single adults. They are a hoot.
    Wednesday it rained, and rained, and rained. It was crazy. We rode are bikes all through it and got lost. At one point I thought we were going to get struck by lightning. It was kind of scary but eventually we found this neighborhood out of nowhere and we began knocking doors. We found a man named Hans and he was very kind. We talked to him for quite a while, but he would nøt give us his numbers. he said he would read the book of mormon and then call us. I hope he does! If he does nøt we will go visit him again.
    The correlation meeting was so cool. The danes know how to do it! I couldnøt understand everything, but I was very impressed. They are very engaged in the work.
    Thursday we took the Train to Nyborg to a dinner appointment. Nyborg is beautiful! holy cow. i wish you could be here seeing all the things that i'm seeing. It was super funny because It turns out that the family I was eating with is Dane's (my danish teacher from BYU) uncle and cousins! hahaha It was really fun. He took us to get icecream afterwards. Jeg kan lide at spise is! We went to visit less actives after, one wasnt home, and the other couldnt meet with us, but he was very posotive about us coming, and he wanted us to come back.
    Friday was zone conference. It was awesome. I had a migraine so that wasnt fun, and i have another one right now, but other than that i havenøt been getting them.
    Hahah we had dinner at a members house name Lanley. She is from vietnam and is hilarious. She is the mother to all missionaries. She loves us. She made so much food and it was delicious! afterwards she made us sing kareoke. haha it was funny.
    Sunday was the burning of the witch holliday, so we celebrated with the other missionaries in odense as well as some of the members. It was a lot of fun.
    We have a new investigator! his name is Noble, and he is from Africa. He is very religous, and he does

    nøt speak danish. Our first lesson went pretty well and he is excited for us to come back again.
    im happy and doing well! thank you for all your love and support. Have such a fun time in yosemite!!I I look forward to hearing more about it.
    I will try and send pictures, but I dont have as much time on the computer today. If you dont get them today I will send them next week.
    I love you all!