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Letter From Katherine - 12/09/2013

Hello my dear wonderful family!

last week we weren't able to go to the reindeer park because we ran out of time, but we are planning on going sometime this week. I will be sure and say hi to Rudolph for all of you:) I can't remember if I told you, but one of the less active members that we have been working with is amazing when it comes to knitting. She is knitting sweaters for Sister Packard and I, and I am pretty darn excited! last monday we were able to pick out the yarn, so that was kind of fun.

We had exchanges with the sister training leaders this week. Usually we go to their area in horsens, but this time they came to Esbjerg. We had a good time with each other. Wednesday we had the Christmas Relief Society dinner. It was a lot of fun, but i'm not going to lie, I can now say that I have eaten some nasty food. Pretty much everything I have ever eaten here in Denmark has been delicious...until that relief society activity. I don't even know what it was, but it was just bad. haha just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies.

Thursday we had our Christmas Zone training in Århus, it was combined with another zone so I got to see some missionaries that i haven't seen since the MTC. For the month's of November and December the mission has been studying Christ like attributes. President asked if I would speak at the training and share the experience I have had as I have tried te become more like the savior. Well before the training I had given the talk some thought, but it wasn't until the train ride to Århus that I actually prepared it. haha we just don't have very much time as missionaries! I felt very blessed though, because as I was preparing it on the train I felt like it just all came together very quickly.

So while we began our Christmas feast at the zone training, we received news that there was a huge storm coming and the trains would be stopping early. So some of the missionaries had to leave right then and there, while the rest of us would be staying in Århus or other nearby areas. I stayed the night in Århus so that was fun. The next morning we got ready for the day and got on the trains as soon as possible. I got the packages!!! thank you so much!!!! carrying them back to Esbjerg was quite the experience:) Sister Packard had her Christmas packages as well, so when we finally did make it back to Esbjerg we had no idea how we were going to get them back to our apartment. So what did we do? We used a grocery cart! Probably not the best idea, but there was no other way. haha The wind was blowing so hard and people were looking at us like we were crazy, but we got the packages to our apartment and of course returned the cart:) We both love the Christmas tree! It makes our apartment 1000 times better! Thank you thank you!  

Later that night there was another really big storm, but this time we were out riding our bikes in it. The wind was blowing so hard that we were pedaling our bikes and not even moving. It was quite the scene i'm sure. We were laughing so hard. So hard that I actually wet my pants. yep. I wet my pants! haha the smart thing to do at that point would have been to go back to the apartment and put on a different skirt. haha but after we pulled it together we just kept on trucking. Well after getting lost in the storm my bike chain fell off. So we walked the rest of the way to the member's house that we had planned to visit. There was a wet spot on my skirt from wetting my pants so I just kept my coat on. hahahah Well after we were done visiting that family we tried to fix my chain, but we just couldn't get it, so we called some other members to come and help us. About a minute before they showed up I fixed the chain! they wouldn't let us ride our bikes home though haha so they gave us a ride back to our apartment. long story short though, I wet my pants! I'm pretty sure I haven't done that since kindergarten. haha It was a crazy day.

Ana Marie and Min are doing great. Every time we meet with them it is just a wonderful experince. They are so ready to be baptized. Samantha and Mathew, their children, loved primary yesterday. They got to try on the nativity clothes. We took Bishop with us to one of the lessons we had with them last week and it was a really good experience. I think Bishop has been kind of hesitant with them because they don't speak Danish, and Min can hardly read English, but in the lessons he said that he could feel the spirit very strongly and that he knows they are ready to be baptized. Ana Marie and Min just radiate the light of Christ. It's hard to even describe. Words cannot even express how grateful I am to help them understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sonia was also in church yesterday for the first time. I think she enjoyed it. Today she texted us and aksed what chapter from the book of mormon we would be talking about next time we met so she could read it in advance. It's not very often that that happens:)

Yesterday our ward mission leader taught the gospel principles class. The lesson was on Jesus Christ and all that he did was show different pictures of the savior and then we would talk about each one. It was such a simple lesson, but the spirit was so strong. Especially when he showed the picture of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus in the stable. If the spirit was that strong just by showing a picture, I'm sure the live nativity was a very neat experience. What a wonderful time of year we have to really focus on our Savior. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity I have to help others feel of his light and love.

Thank your for all of your love and support. I love you so much and am looking forward to Christmas day when I can see and talk to you. Stay warm! and have a wonderful week.

Love Katherine

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