Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hej med jer!!!! (Letter From Katherine - 12/02/2013)

Hello Family! 

Well another week has come and gone. I honestly can't believe how fast time is flying! Things are going really good here in Esbjerg. Saturday a man that the elders have been teaching was baptized. It was a very nice baptismal service. Sister Packard and I were able to play a musical number so that was fun. The elders also asked us to bring some refreshments so we made cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls are kind of a process, but it was fun to make them. 

So I'm not sure if you remember my email from last week, but I talked a little bit about going to visit a woman named Josephine. Well Josephine speaks Danish with a really strong african accent so she is really difficult to understand. When I was talking to her on the phone we both just started laughing because it was so hard to communicate. She was trying to give us her address and after about the tenth time of asking her to repeat herself I just did my best to write down what she was saying. Well, it was really cool because last monday night when we were getting ready to go visit Josephine in Varda we were trying to find a street name on the map that was as close to what I had written down. I looked at the map and the very first street I saw was hers. It was spelled completely different than what I had written down, but I knew it was hers. So we began our adventure to Varde. It kind of took a while to find where she lived, and the whole time we were both kind of hesitant that we even had the right street name, but sure enough it was her street and we found her! Josephine's boyfriend who is danish was there, and he helped Josephine better understand what we were saying. Turns out he is interested in learning about the church as well. Josephine is super spunky, but she's fun. 

Ana Marie and Min. oh how i love them! they are just so wonderful. We met with them a few times this week and on one of the days Min told us that he asked Ana Marie if she was getting baptized. She told him yes and then he asked her when she had decided that. She told him that she had decided a long time ago. Min told her that he had just decided the day before that he was going "to baptize." He can hardly understand the Book of Mormon, but he told us he knows it true. I just wish you all could meet them. Words can't even express how wonderful they are. I have had amazing, happy, experiences on my mission so far, but I can't even begin to express the joy I feel that comes from teaching Ana Marie and Min. My heart just swells at seeing them progress and watching their testimonies grow. When I first got here to Esbjerg they were both hesitant about the church, but now they told us that they are both ready to be baptized and that they are so happy. Ana Marie told us that the other day she and her friends were talking about religions and discussing the different religions that they were. Ana Marie told them that she was mormon, and after she told them that she said she just felt so happy. It has been such a neat experience seeing the Lord answer their prayers. He knows their situation so perfectly and he trusts them so much. I just could go on and on forever about them! They will be getting baptized the 14th of December.

Yesterday we at at the Bishop's home. IT was so much fun. We prepared dinner with them, ate, cleaned up together, and then had family home evening with them. Det var så hyggeligt! Bishop's parents are in the ward and his mom is like the danish equivalent of Roberta Young. It's crazy.

Today We are going to feed reindeer! They have a reindeer park here in Esbjerg and you can feed them!!!!!! There is also a less active member that we have been working with who is an amazing knitter. She told us that she would love to make us anything as long as we supplied the yarn, so today we are going to pick out the yarn and run it over to her. That should be fun. 

So yeah. IT has been another great week here in Esbjerg. It totally smells like fish sometimes, haha but it really is a dagligt by! 

Well, that's about it for the week. I'm glad you had a great thanksgiving. For some reason I thought it was last week. haha missionaries are just so out of the loop. I hope you have a wonderful week! I look forward to talking to you on Christmas! Love you!!!!!!!!!

Love Katherine

ps. some of the pictures are from Varde. It's just a little city here. They decorated it with elves. 

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