Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nina and Lucia were døbt!‏ (Letter From Katherine - 8/4/2013)

Hello Family!
Well to start things off... Yesterday Nina and Lucia were baptized and confirmed. It was wonderful. Everything ran pretty smoothly. Except for leading up to the baptism it was pretty hectic. Satin really does try his hardest to mess things up. On Wednesday we saw lan Le and she was telling us that a boy in the ward who lucia had been playing with told her some crazy things about the church, so lucia went home crying. Lucia's dad was extremely upset about it and he didn't want her getting baptized. So that was kind of scary, but he did let her get baptized, but he was not there. sad huh? He doesn't support Nina or Lucia in joining the church at all. But they were both set on doing it anyways. Then yesterday before church we get a phone call from the member who was confirming them saying he couldn't do it anymore. Our Bishop was more than willing to do it though so everything went well. It was a special day, and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of it. The baptism and confirmation was after church. Nina got up in testimony meeting twice to bear her testimony. It was awesome. The second time she got up she said I just have so much more to say, and she even said hallelujah. It may sound super funny, but it was so sweet and sincere.

Guess what?! I bought a new war horse! aka a new cykle. aka a new bike. haha She's a real beaut. It was a fantastic deal that I couldn't pass up! With the money I saved from that purchase I can buy a new watch. Oh yeah, I broke my watch playing soccer. I will find a cheap one here... anyways, back to the bikes! i'm pretty sure the one that I was borrowing wasn't doing so hot. earlier in the we we biked out to tommerup and it took 50 minutes because it was so windy, and as soon as we got there my tire popped. It popped right in front of my mission leaders house though so that was funny. of course he wasn't home. So the Ivies (senior missionaries) came to the rescue. We got the tire repaired. And then saturday we were going to bike out to hojby and that's like a 40 minute bike ride and on our way there I had a strong feeling that I should get a new bike. It may have been the holy ghost or it may have been because I saw an advertisement for a really good sale at Bilka. Either way, I thought it would be a good idea for me to get my own bike so that way if anything happens to the one I was borrowing I won't be responsible for it. So now sister Ripplinger is using it haha. her bike was stolen earlier this week. haha appearently odense is the number one place in Danmark for bikes to be stolen. She didn't lock hers though, so that's why it was stolen.

This week Sister Nuttall was sick. She slept for like 3 days. She was just having really bad pains in her stomach and she went to the emergency room to see if it was apendicitis which it wasn't so then she just slept the pain off, and boy did she sleep. Luckily the other sisters were really good about going on splits with me so i wasn't trapped in the apartment all day. I'm not going to lie though, it was really frustrating with her being sick. I felt really disobedient staying in the apartment, even though there was nothing else I could do. I did not like it! But with my migraines i know what it's like being sick so i tried to be patient. She's doing good now. She's actually leaving me! she is being transferred to Copenhagen and I am getting a new companion.... it's sister Hall. She was in the MTC with me. She will be coming tomorrow. . She's a hoot. It's going to be rough, but it will be good. I can tell you right now that there is a lot that I will learn from her. I actually had a feeling that we would be companions so i was pretty prepared when president called and said it would be Sister Hall. Oh yeah! we both can barely speak danish, so that will be interesting haha.

Saturday I played fodball! It was soooooo fun! saturdays the missionaries get together with members, investigators, and just basically anyone who wants to play. i'm not very good at all, especially since all the danes are pro. and i'm not even joking when I say pro. a bunch of the members have played professional soccer. It was still way fun though.  


So yeah. It has been an interesting week with Sister nuttall being sick and all, but Nina and Lucia's baptism was wonderful. I am so happy for them. Im kind of sad about transfers because I love my district so much! Missions are just full of goodbyes and it's really really hard. Things are going well though, and i'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve.


I love you all so much! Thanks for all your love and support!
Love Katherine

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