Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hej Min Familie!‏ (Letter from Katherine - 8/19/2013)

Another week has gone by already. I can't believe it, the weeks go by so fast! Some days can be pretty slow, but the weeks always seem to fly. Yesterday I saw Dane and his wife at church! that was a lot of fun. He said he will be back next Summer. He also asked me if I eat danishes everyday. I was like, "what is that supposed to mean?!" haha he said that that's not what he meant, but what'er.
So Sister Hall and I had an interesting week. We haven't been able to schedule very many appointments with our investigators so we spent a lot of time contacting. A lot a lot a lot of time contacting. One of the days we were out walking a long the street and I was thinking we shouldn't be on this side, I was about to say something to Sister hall when she said the exact same thing to me. We went on the other side of the street and almost immediately we met a young man from Norway. He was very kind and interested, but he doesn't have a phone that works in Denmark yet. He got our information and we are praying that he will call.
Remember Inus? I'm pretty sure I told you about him last week. Well Sister Hall and I also met him contacting and he came to CUV( young single adults). Before he came he texted us and asked if it was okay if he brought his partner. Sister Hall and I were like well maybe partner just means friend. Well we were wrong. Inus is Gay. His partner was not able to come to CUV but I think Inus had a really good time. It was actually quite a neat experience. There was a really good turn out to CUV and while we were eating he asked everyone to introduce themselves. After that he openly told everyone that he was gay and then he asked what the church's stance was on homosexual relationships. It was like the young single adults just surrounded him and helped answer the questions, and they continued to answer the other questions he had about the church. Sister Hall and I just kind of sat back and watched how well they explained things to him. It was awesome! He wants to meet with us again. 
Crazy story. Before I tell you I need to explain who some of these people are.
Noble- he is an investigator, African American, extremely hard to schedule appointments with because he says he's a free man.
Ike- Another investigator who is also African American. He had a month long job that was crazy so we haven't been able to meet with him for a while.
Jolly- He is a member of the church and is in the first ward. He is also African American and we have been wanting him to come teach Noble and Ike with us but we haven't been able to schedule appointments with them. Neither of us have met him before.
Okay so here's the story. We invitied Noble to come play soccer last Saturday and he came and had a great time. This past Saturday he asked if Sister Hall and I would like to come to a picnic that his church was putting on for the young people. We thought it sounded like fun, and it would also be a good place to meet people. So he gave us a list of busses that we should take. We went to the trainstation to catch the bus we needed and it turned out that it was the wrong one. So stayed on the bust until it took us back to the trainstation. Then we got on the right bus and it took us to the park right by our apartment. hahaha The park that the picnic was at was the park right by us! We got a kick out of that. As soon as we got off the bus we laughed and laughed. So we head over to where the picnic is, and Noble comes and greets us. The preacher guy from the church was talking a little bit and I was just kind of looking around and guess who else was at the picnic. Ike!!! So we talked to him a little bit and then soon after this other man came up to me and said, "Hey, do you remember me? we met in Svendborg" sure enough, Sister Nuttall and I had contacted him in Svendborg. Haha so Noble, Ike, and this other guy were all at the picnic! It came time to play soccer and guess who comes up to us. Jolly! Turns out he's friends with all of them!!!!!!! CRAZY! So they all said they want to meet with us, and Jolly said he would be more than happy to come teach with us. It was crazy.
Hopefully that story made sense. Things have been going well here. We had a dinner appointment with a Woman named Kristine and her two children. She hasn't been to church in over 15 years but when Sister Nuttall and I went and visited her she said we could come back for dinner on the 14th of August. So Sister Hall and I went and had a wonderful time. She said she wants us to come back and teach her children about Joseph Smith. We weren't expecting that! Her daughter is 12 and her son is 13. We were able to teach them how to pray and it was a very neat experience. I am really looking forward to going back.
It's just crazy how up and down the week was. Although we were contacting a ton, we were able to see so many miracles. I love it. 
Thank you for everything! I love hearing from you! I love you all so much! 
Love Katherine 

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