Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hej!‏ (Letter From Katherine - 7/29/2013)

Hej Family,
The library is closed for 3 weeks so you won't be hearing from me for a while.....

Just kidding! well the library really will be closed for 3 weeks, but I can email at the church, so all is well:)

I had another great week here in Odense. Last Monday Sister Nuttall and I went to Jytte's house and she cooked for us and then taught us how to make this danish dessert/breakfast. It was delicious! but she made us eat way to much of it. I felt so sick afterwards. It was a lot of fun though! After that we went to clean the baptisimal font. We turned the water on and it was nice and brown. We let the water run for a whie and it cleared up so we're hoping we don't have any problems with it this sunday, which is Nina and Lucia's baptism!!!!
I am so excited for both Nina and Lucia. It has been a wonderful experience helping them understand the gospel. Nina is so ready. We were able to teach them 3 times this week. All three times we went to Lan Le's house, and if you remember Lan Le is the one that makes soooooooooo much food. and of course she fed us all three times. So much food. I might have to buy a new skirt with a really loose waste band sometime soon... yeah...
We had splits this week and I had a really good time. The sister training leaders stayed in our apartment for two nights so we had 6 sisters all together! It was a bit crowded, but it was a good time! Sister Guinea is from Scotland and I spent the day with her one friday. She is hilarious and she taught me a lot. Transfers are coming up pretty soon and i'm curious to know what is going to happen. My guess is I will stay here in Odense and sister Nuttall will be transfered. 
Tuesday we had a lesson with Helle. She is the lady that we met knocking on doors. I was so excited to meet with her. Monday night when we were planning our day we were trying to decide if we should have a member come with us to our lesson with Helle. At first we were thinking that we wouldn't have a member go with us because it would be our first lesson with her, but for some reason we just really felt like we needed to have a member there. So we got a member to come with us. At one point in the lesson Helle got up to look for her Book of mormon and the member explained to us that helle has some sort of short term memory loss. She kept repeating random things when we were trying to teach her, but I don't know if we would have caught on to that without the member there. it was kind of really sad because Helle would say things like most danes are very closed about religion, but I feel like i should be open with you and your message, but then she would start talking about something really random. We will continue to try working with her, but for the mean time she will be out of town.
Yesterday was a great day in church, except there is no air conditioning in the church building so it gets super hot, and then I get super sleepy. We had 4 non members in the guest class though! One of the elder's investigators brought his dad, Nina was there, and our Ward mission leader brought one of his coworkers! She was interested in learning more so we are hoping to meet with her this week! After church we visited members and got two referrels which is huge! The members are so awesome.
So yeah things are going well. This week we are really going to focus on finding people. We are always told to talk to EVERYONE, and I have been kind of struggling with that. It's hard because I can barely speak danish. I know that as I try to do my best the lord will take care of the rest. Did you like that little rhyme? haha
So yeah,
Thanks for all your love and support! I love you all!
Love Katherine

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