Thursday, August 29, 2013

hej familie! (Letter From Katherine - 8/29/2013)

Hello Family,

Im glad you got the letter I sent you. It didn't take as long as I thought it would, so that's good. It has been kind of a weird week. Im having a hard time remembering what even happened. Right now we don't really have any progressing investigators so it has been a little rough. I think I will just start with what happened yesterday and work my way backwords. Yesterday, one of the members brought some of her friends to church, so that was neat but non of them live in Odense. A young woman from Ghana moved into the ward and it was perfect becasue we had an appointment with noble our investigator who is also from Africa and we needed somone to teach with us. she was more than willing to come with us and she is awesome! Unfortunately we "dropped" Noble. It seems like we have been dropping a lot of people lately. Anyways, her name is Ruby and she will be in Denmark 2 years for school. She came on her own and has only been here for four days.

Saturday Sister Hall and I found someones phone in the middle of the street so we called the contacts in it to try and return it to the owner. We got a hold of someone and while we were waiting to meet up with them these drunk guys came up to us. It was actually kind of scarry. There's a lot of drunk people here in Denmark.

I don't know i'm trying to think of what has happened. Sister Hall and I went on exchanges in Horrsens, and that was fun. I slept on the floor and sister hall was on the couch and in the middle of the night she jumped off the couch onto the matt I was sleeping on and said, there's rats! I was like what?? and she said that there were giant rats. I said are you serious, and she said oh wait no, i was just dreaming and then she got back up on the couch and went back to sleep. It was really funny, but afterwards I was a little nervous that there were rats in the apartment.

I'm sorry that this e-mail is so short, but there isn't much to say. It was just kind of a weird week.
I love you all!

Love Katherine

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