Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hej! (Letter From Katherine - 7/22/2013)

Hej everyone!
It was a pretty uneventful week. Everyone is gone on vacation. EVERYONE! The people here take like month long vacations so it has been hard scheduling appointments, and when we stop by to visit people they aren't home. The streets are pretty quiet too which is kind of weird. We tried doing some contacting on the gågåde, (streets with all the shops, kind of like the gateway) but that wasn't very succesful. We also did a lot of bonking doors and for the most part pretty much no one was interested. On Thursday we had plannined to visit a ton of less actives and members, but seriously no one is home. We were a Little bit frustrated but we began knocking doors. WE finished one row and we could have been done because it was time for dinner, but we decided to do the NeXT row. We found a lady named Helle. We talked to her for a Little bit on her porch but then she invitied us in! That usually never happens! We noticed that she had a Family history chart so we were able to talk to her about the church's Family history resources. She told us that she felt a Peace while talking to us so we explained to her that it was the holy ghost. We are meeting with her on Tuesday. Im really excited about her.

So there is this one lady that we've been trying to Schedule an appointment with for quite some time. She has met with missionaries before, but didn't continue because it was too hard to say goodbye to them. Everytime we ask to Schedule an appointment she says let me check my Schedule and i'll get back to you, but then she never does. it's happened like 3 times. So finally i decided to ask her if she likes cinnamon rolls. She said, "yeah, but i'm not good at baking" and we told her we were going to make some and we asked if she would like some. haha so ofcourse she said yeah we can bring them by any time. haha I was like are you kidding me. Sister Nuttall and I thought it was pretty funny. By the way, I make some pretty good cinnamon rolls:)

We ride bikes everywhere. It's exhausting. Seriously I am sooooooo tired! All the other missionaries have bus passes, but for some reason we decided not to get them. We have been fine without them but the busses are good Places to meet people so I'm kind of torn as to what I should do. Im going to wait till transfers to see what's going on.


I don't really know what else to say. Things are going well. I'm happy and laughing lots. I have  really enjoyed having four sisters in the Apartment.

 It has been pretty hot. So that also makes riding a bike hard.
Now im just rambling. haha
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love Katherine

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