Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Letter From Katherine (4/30/2013)

Hi Family!
Katherine and Sister Bishop
I still love the MTC. Thanks for the e-mails dear elders, and packages! they are the best. Mom-the shoes that you sent are awesome, I love them! thanks! Our schedule change is crazy. We have gym in the mornings at 6:25!!!! and the we don't even get to go on the field now. Sad huh?? I was getting super good at softball... haha I totally nailed this kid, i mean elder, in the back when I threw the ball to second base:) the next day he said he had a good bruise. oops... Softball has been way fun though and i'm sad that we won't be able to play it anymore.
Friday my district went to the TRC for the first time and it was a really good experience. You probably already know this, but the TRC is where members come to be taught a message by the missionaries. It's kind of like home/visiting teaching, but in the language you're learning. It was really cool though because Sister Bishop and I were able to teach a non-member from Denmark. She's a foreign exchange student and she's a junior in high school. We had a member there with us and she was so helpful! It was crazy because we ended up not following our lesson at all and we talked about the atonement. We also taught a lady and her son, and they too were from Denmark. Afterwords, she gave us a big hug and told us that she loves sister missionaries. I loved the TRC! I also saw Dane's dad so that was fun. He was excited about how many missionaries are going to Denmark.
My teachers here are awesome. I have been learning a ton! Learning the language has been very humbling. I thought that since I took the Danish class at BYU I would be way far ahead of everyone, but everyone is picking it up so quickly. The gift of tongues is so real! A lot of them are stressing about the language, but they have no idea how much they know and how the gift of tongues is already working.
I loved the pictures! I'm not sure if I can watch videos, I will have to check on that, but I will let you know.
I got packages from the Kylie and Stacie, aunt Jan, and the Loosli family, so If I could get their addresses in a Dear Elder that would be great. Also I still need addresses for the Gibson's and Grandma and Grandpa.
Dad- Stephanie told me about her sneaking into the MTC at my fairwell. I thought it was hilarious. It really would be so easy for someone to just walk in. Don't get any ideas... :)    
Katherine's MTC Zone
Mom- the picture with the BIG group is my zone. The dutch group left on monday, and the two icelandic elders left on Monday as well so we decided to get a big picture with everyone. The Icelandic elders were hilarious and I will miss having them here. They were so ready to get out of here though. They've been here 9 weeks. I haven't picked up my tan skirt yet, but I will let you know how it looks when I get it.
I can't believe that I've hit the halfway mark here at the MTC. I don't feel even close to being ready to leave, and I have a hard time seeing myself being ready by the end of the next three weeks. It will be interesting to see if my visa came. I guess we don't find out until like the day before we actually leave. I was thinking about it though, and if I get reassigned for a while it would be way cool to have some experience teaching in English before I go to Denmark. But then I worry about not speaking danish and forgetting it all before I get out there. Whatever happens though I know it's what is supposed to happen and i'm not worried.
Well Family, thanks for everything. I love you so much, and you are always in my prayers!
Love Katherine

Katherine & Elder Erekson (Family Friend)

Iceland Elders!

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