Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Letter From Katherine (05/07/2013) Re her sister Christina's Cancer

I'm very happy to hear the news about Christina! I had no idea that her losing her hair was an option, or that her cancer was a mutation.  It's been so weird not being home while this is going down. I've had to rely completely on the Lord, and he has helped me so much.

I learned a lot this week. I will write you a letter, because I feel like I can explain more when I write letters.

Sister Bishop and I are the sister training leaders now. I almost pulled a Robert and didn't tell you, but then I thought....eh better not :)

I love this gospel, and I am so grateful to a part of this work. I am so humbled to know that the savior trusts me to be a representative of him. His name is on my name tag! How cool is that?

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