Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Letter From Katherine (4/18/2013) (Her First e-mail!)

Hej! Hvordan gar det???
Okay so today as you know is my p-day, and we got up at 4:30 to do laundry and send pictures. We went to the temple and did the 7:00am session and had breakfast at the temple. When we were finished there we came back got cleaned up and had to do a few things with my one companion who is leaving tuesday. Anyways, long story short I agreed to wake up at 4:30 as long as we could take a nap later today, so if that doesn't happen then I'm not doing 4:30 again. Also, if this e-mail doesn't make much sense it's because i'm tired:)
Sister Bishop & Sister Murray
So i made it through my first week! It has been awesome. The first night I didn't sleep at all because of the snorer, but I haven't heard whoever it was since, so that's good. 
Missionaries to Denmark
After you guys dropped me off I took my things to my room and then went to get my books and then I went to my classroom to meet my teacher and my district. There are 5 girl plus sister Peterson who is the one that had mono. she Just barely got reassigned to West Virginia and will be leaving tuesday. There are 6 boys and they are pretty much super funny. My teacher was roommates with Dane (danish teacher) so that was kind of fun, and our pretend investigator actually subbed my danish class at BYU and he recognized me so that was fun too. I don't know if they did this when Robert was here, but we starting teaching an investigator in danish our second day here. It's crazy because it feels so real, and I even know the investigator. I am definitely so happy that I took the danish class. If i hadn't i would totally be freaking out right now. Thursday we met the other danish district, and they have 6 girls and 5 boys I think... I have no idea how they're going to train all the girls when we get out to Denmark because there were only 3 girls in the group that left before us. Sunday here was awesome. The relief society speaker was amazing! her name is sister Edmunds, I don't know if you have ever heard of her, but she was great.
Guess who came to speak to us on Tuesday? Richard G. Scott!! How cool is that?!?! he spoke on prayer, and it was so powerful. Do you guys remember when we were having dinner and I think we were talking about Bruce R. McKonkey? and Mom said something about how his testimony of Christ was so powerful? Well at the end of Richard G. Scott's talk he said, "I know Jesus Christ lives, because I know him." Talk about powerful!! It reminided me of what mom was saying. At the end he gave us an apostalic blessing, and the things he promised were pretty neat. After hearing him speak, I have no doubt that I will learn the language. He also mentioned multiple times that our families will be blessed because of our service and that was pretty comforting. It was so cool you guys, I wish you could have heard it. The spirit is so strong here, I love it! I went to the temple this morning and it was really nice. The inside of the provo temple is gorgeous!
Gym time is heaven sent. I never though i would appreciate running so much! haha so yeah basically I just run because I stink at basketball and volleyball. I have been tempted to try four square though haha Time really is going by pretty fast. I know i've only been here one week but it seems like yesterday i just barely got here.  I have loved getting dear elders from all of you! Keep them coming! I was super excited to hear about Peter and James! are they excited?? I was also excited to hear about Kurtis. So far I have only had one migraine, and it was right before I went to bed so I was able to sleep it off. Things here have been going great and I have been really happy here. I realize that this isn't the greatest letter because it's super random and all over the place. In the future I'm going to write down the things that I want to tell you, so that way I will know exactly what I want to say and I wont waste any time. I have an hour on the computer, so yeah. Could you send me an e-mail with everybodies e-mail on it?
I hope everything is going well. Keep me updated on what is going on with Christina. She's in my prayers. I read your e-mail about her results this morning, and after I went to the temple and it was a huge comfort. I love all of you sooo much! I'm sorry if my e-mail didn't live up to your expectations, but it will be better next week i promise. Thanks for all your love and support! I love you and I will talk to you next week!
love Katherine
Could you please send me my danish books and maybe my pink notebook? they should be in my backpack. If you can't send them that's fine, but I think they would be good to have for when I have free time. okay so here's kind of a list of things I could use. If you can't send them don't worry about it.
Danish books
dry shampoo
tan skirt- if it's not hemmed they have alterations here for way cheap.
brown shoes.
lots of band aids- my shoes have been giving me blisters.

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