Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Letter From Katherine (5/7/2013)

Well guess what? I only have one more p-day after today. Where does the time go????? I feel like I just barely got here. It's crazy. It has been a good week.
So we went to the TRC and guess who I taught? Dane (Katherine's Danish Teacher at BYU)! haha it was great. I'm not going to lie though, I was nervous. It was fun though. He gave everyone a danish flag sticker to put on our name tags. Today an elder walking past us thought it was a dork dot and he welcomed us to the MTC. pshhh, who does he think he is? Just kidding. We went to the TRC on Monday too, and sister Bishop and I were able to skype with a member in Denmark. We had a really hard time understanding her, but when she told us about her conversion story the spirit was really strong. Later we talked to our teacher and he told us that her family didn't support her being baptized at all. She became a member when she was 16 and she's probably 20 now. Our discussion was on the Book of Mormon and we asked her about the revelation she has received through the Book of Mormon. Once again, when she answered it was really hard to understand her, but the spirit was really strong. It was a good experience.
I don't know if i have told you this before, but our teachers pretend to be investigators and we teach them. The lessons we had with one of our "investigators" yesterday was awesome. We talked about the book of mormon, prophets, and the holy ghost. I felt like we were truly guided on what we should say. The spirit was so strong, I wish you all could have been there. I'm really excited for when I will be teaching real investigators.  
There are a bunch of missionaries here from Denmark, and most of them are going to Germany. We have been able to talk to them, so that has been fun. Their English is awesome.
Sister Bishop's parents sent her a pinata for cinco de maya so our district had a little celebration, it was fun. The swedes left this morning so now the Danes are the oldest ones in the zone! how crazy is that?
Our new schedule is rough, and we don't ever get to use the field anymore :( and to answer your question Dad, when I hit the kid in the back I laughed pretty hard. I apologized of course though.
The language is hard. I feel like everyone is at my same level, and I took a semester at BYU. Our district tried to only speak danish on saturday and we did really good...until the end of the day. It was extremely helpful, but mentaly exhausting. I'm pretty sure that I won't be moving into wyview, but I think that the next danish group will. Actually, I think that all of the scandanavian missionaries will be moving into wyview eventually.
So sunday was fast sunday, and I could barely keep my eyes open. It was sooo hard! Guess who came to speak to us? Chad Lewis! Adam, you know who I'm talking about right? His talk was so inspirational. I'm pretty sure everyone felt so pumped afterwards, and ready to get into the field! he said when you feel tired, pray like crazy. So the next time i think I can't keep my eyes open I will just pray like crazy:)  
I didn't do a good job of keeping track of what I want to write home about, and I always feel scatter brained because i'm being timed and it stresses me out. So Sorry!
I'm still loving the MTC.
I love you!
Love Katherine

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