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Letter From Katherine (4/25/2013)

Hi Family!

Care Package Before . . . 
You're going to think that i'm crazy, but I woke up at 4:30 again. crazy huh?! I don't even feel tired right now though, which is weird because these past few days I have been so exhausted. My body doesn't like not taking naps. So we woke up at 4:30 and did our laundry and sent pictures home, and then we went to the temple. We did initiatory and it was awesome. We were going to eat at the temple again for breakfast but it wasn't open yet. sad day. The temple food is a lot better than the MTC food. det er okay. 

So this week I kept a list of things to write home about. Here it is:
Danish is coming along, but I feel like the way they teach us is not organized at all. I'm learning a ton, but it's like I don't even know what to start with when i'm studying because there is so much. One thing that was cool though, was that I finally realized how bouncy and rhythmic Danish is. who knew?!

Care Package After . . . nough said!
So Sister Peterson left for West Virginia, and i'm back to having one companion.  I have a really cool story to tell you all about her, but I probably won't have time to e-mail it, so I will send a letter. I have been able to get to know and enjoy the girls more. Like i said before we are all so different and it's crazy, but fun.  

Katherine's other Companion going to West Virginia
So the Elders in my district are a hoot. One of the companionships was having a debate over choir and football. The debate ended by one of the elders saying, "God didn't send down a foot football team of angels when Christ was born, he sent down a choir of angels." HAHA we all laughed so hard! you probably had to be there, but it was WAY funny.

One of the elders in my district lost his uncle to suicide. He has been super strong about it, and a good example to us all.

Guess who came to the Sunday night devotional?! BYU Men's chorus. It was so good! and you better believe that the elder who loves choir LOVED the fireside haha

So this last week wasn't the best with my migraines. I think I've had four since I've been here. the first 3 weren't bad. I took the medicine right away and I didn't really feel any pain, I just get way tired. the fourth migraine was in the middle of the night, so by the time i took the medicine I was in pretty bad pain. Once I did take the medicine though the pain didn't last as long as it usually does. Over all though my migraines haven't been bad. I have been blessed!

Thanks for the packages and the dear elders! they are the best, I love getting them. Mom, your cookies were like mana from heaven. Seriously, they tasted so good.

Kathine's MTC District
Dad- guess what? Guess who has been playing kickball? ME! and guess what else? I rock at kickball. Just kidding, haaha but it's fun. and guess what I learned. No matter how bad you are at something, there is always someone out there who is worse at it than you:) haha

The Great Danes!!
I got a dear elder from my Danish teacher Dane this week, and he wrote it all in Danish, and I surprisingly understood pretty much all of it! He knows every single one of my teachers at the MTC, so he had me say some funny things to them. It was great.

Our whole district is doing choir. You can thank the elder who loves choir for that:) it's fun though, and it saves us a seat for the Tuesday night devotional.

One of the sisters in my district plays the piano, so when ever we have like 30 minutes to spare, which isn't very often, we go find a piano and play. I'm glad I brought my music! Mom- will you be on the lookout for any duets? don't go searching for them, but if you come across one I would love a copy.

Sister Bishop and I have two new investigators (our teachers). We had to go contact them and everything. Our lesson with Bror Pullan went really well. We had our whole lesson planned out, but he knew exactly what to do to get us away from our script. I was so surprised at how much Danish we could actually speak. 

So last night after my district finished planning we played a game. You know those jelly beans that have nasty flavors? like dog food? well one of the elders mom sent him some, and we went around eating a pack until they were all gone. Some of the flavors are good, and some are bad so you don't know what you're going to get. Well guess what ones I got stuck with? Vomit, Centipede, and pencil shavings. Oh my heck the vomit one was so nasty! I dare you all to try it.
Nightgowns Rule!
Last week I e-mailed by branch president letting him know about Christina, and I came to find out that he is a lung specialist. He told me that if I ever have any question I can feel free to call him and he will try and explain anything. I thought that was pretty cool.
I have been really happy here, and I can't believe how fast time is flying! It's crazy! I love you all! you're in my thoughts and prayers.
Oh one last thing. The girl in my danish class at BYU who really wanted to go to Denmark is goinng to Houston Texas. She leaves the same day as peter and james, and she'll be in the Mexico MTC. The mission presidents are actually one of her best friend's parents and she stayed at the mission home for a few days over the summer. crazy huh?
Keep writing me! I love you all!
Love Katherine
all of you should give Benson a hug and kiss from me.

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