Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter From Katherine - 10/21/2013

Hello Family,
This week was the Harry Potter Festival and it was a ton of fun. I have decided that when jeg rejse tilbage I will read all the books and then Watch all of the movies. But I'm getting way to far ahead of myself.
I'm trying to think of what happened last week but everything is blurring together. The weeks are flying! Last week was after år ferie so most of our investigators were out of town, so it was kind of a slower week, but it still seemed to fly! Oh yes. I remember now.
So last week we had Exchanges witht he sister training leaders. So sister Hall and i got on a train and we were off to Horsens. Once we got their we went to a dinner appointment. Guess who I met? I can't remember their names, but Dad, you Work with this guy whose parents are serving in Denmark. They were at the eating appointment! because he was the man who baptized the member that was feeding us. cool huh? So that was fun to see them. Im pretty sure they had just gotten to Denmark. They were very excited.
The next day we went to Work in horsens. Sister Briscoe and I had an amazing experience. We went to visit a Young woman named Kaitlyn. She is from Ohio and is living with her Danish boyfriend. We didn't have an appointment with her so we were praying that she would be home. Well my friends, she was home! we talked to her for quite a bit on the doorstep, but since missionaries are kind of a Little forward we asked if we could come inside and talk. She said yeah, but my boyfriend is sleeping. I'm not going to lie, i was kind of hoping he wouldn't be home. We went in though and Rasmus(boyfriend) woke up and joined in on the discussion. holy cow. They were both sooooo open and the spirit was strong. Sister Briscoe and her companion have met with them since then, and they both said that they would be baptized. :) I am very excited to hear how they Progress. I'm not sure if you have watched the district, but if so, they kind of remind me of Jackie and Caleb. On the way out of that lesson sister Briscoe and I were just grinning. We were so happy, and the next lady that we contacted just so happened to be a less active. Cool huh! she gave us her number and seemed pretty excited to meet with sister missionaries.
So Horsens was great. Sister Hall didn't even jump on me in the middle of the night screaming about rats, haha. Sister Hall and I met with a Young woman who came to Sofie's talk last week. She said she was interested in meeting with us, but it was a rough lesson. IT was just...hard! It was like one of the lessons in the MTC. I felt like my Danish was a lot better, but it was just a hard lesson. I'm use to people being pretty accepting and open when we teach, but not this time. I hope she will meet with us Again. I guess we will see.
But on the other hand! Mona came to church yesterday and told us that she wants to be baptized. She said she wants to be meeting with missionaries atleast three times a week. You probably can't tell over email, but I have a really big smile on my face :D
The Harry Potter Festival was Friday and saturday. We took an Essentials pday last week so we could experience the festival for ourselves haha quiditch was so much fun. They had harry potter charactesr all around the city and the Little kids loved it. They also had Booths set up where you could buy a wand, make a broomstick, etc.. it was really neat. So I can't remember if I told you last week, but one of the members is part of the IQA (international quidditch association) haha yes, it's a real thing. Anyways, he was in charge of the quidditch games and he recruited all of of the missionaries to help him. It was soooo fun.
Things are going good in Odense. I love it here. I love the members. I'm so happy.
We have had Svendborg missionaries for a while now, and this sunday we will be having sacrament meeting in Svendborg. pretty exciting. 
Well Family, I love you all very much! I'm so grateful to hear from you. I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Love Katherine

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