Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello!!! (Letter From Katherine - 10/28/2013

Hej Family,
So I am sorry but I am starting this letter off with bad news. It has been a pretty rough week for migraines. i think I had a total of three, but one of them was probably one of the worst ones I have ever had in my life and i'm not even exaggerating

. I started in the middle of the night so by the time i got the medicine in it didn't do anything. IT was so weird I couldn't talk at all and my whole body was like completely numb, and I threw up like 5 times. It was great. I think it kind of freaked the other sisters out. I felt bad. They called the elders and had them come and give me a blessing. After the migraine had passed Sister Hall siad Holy cow, now I understand why they are called mini strokes. It was really really hard. but i'm okay! I don't know what triggered them but I think it means that there are blessings to come!
Saturday was Davids's baptism. He is 16 years old and has been ready to be baptized for qutie a while and it finally happened! It was such a special day. His mom and siblings are members of the church, but his parents are divorced and his dad isn't a member. Earlier in the week Sister Hall and I were able to have dinner with Hannah and Lars Jensen, he was the man that baptized and confirmed Davids. It was fun getting to know them better and it made the baptism a really neat experience. Hannah and Lars have not been able to have children, but they developed a relationship with Davids, so Davids asked Lars to baptize and confirm him. Since Lars hasn't had the opportunity to baptize his own children Davids was the first person that he has baptized and you could tell how excited and humbled he was to do it. It was a very sweet baptism. 
During the dinner appointment with Hanne and Lars I was in heaven. Lars plays the piano, and very well at that! He would play a song and then have me play a song, and we switched back and forth a few times. It was so much fun. I miss playing the piano!!!!
Sunday they had the ward choir sing. I didn't even know we had a ward choir until yesterday, but I loved it. It was cool to look at all of them and say I have been in their homes and eaten with them and gotten to know and love them so much. We find out what is happening with transfers on Wednesday and the thought of leaving Odense makes me want to cry. I love the people here so so much.
We had interviews with president last week and I thought I could get him to tell what would be happening with transfers but he said he still wasn't sure. He asked me if I was sick of Odense and I told him I could serve my whole mission in Odense and be happy. haha
Yesterday Mona and Marejka were both in church. They are getting really involved with the young single adults so that his been wonderful. Thursday Ken Hall is having a halloween get together with the missionaries/investigators/members/less actives. It should be a lot of fun! I will let you know how it goes.
Guess what? Taylor's apartment got robbed! crazy huh?
Elder Larsen, he's my district leader is going home next week. now that is crazy! He has been here in Odense as long as I have. It's weird to think that the time comes in a missionaries life when they actually go home.
Things have been going well and Sister Hall has been making me laugh a lot. Oh she is so dang funny. Guess what we're doing on sunday?! so a few weeks ago we had a fireside for the young single adults where we watched the joseph smith movie and had a testimony meeting. This sunday we are going to do a missionary fireside and guess what movie we got approved?! THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN!!!!! cool huh? I'm pretty excited. This saturday is also sister hall's birthday, so it will be a good week:) Thank you for all your love and support and prayers. I hope you all know how much I love you. Have a great week!

Love Katherine
ps. so one of the members in my ward put a picture of four of us missionaries at the harry potter festival on a world wide church member page on face book and she said it got like 1000 likes. cool huh? 

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