Monday, November 18, 2013

Jeg skal til Esbjerg (Letter From Katherine - 11/04/2013)

Hello my dear wonderful family!
First things first. The keys on this keyboard are sticking, so if there are a ton of typos i'm sorry!
Guess what?! I'm being transferred! to Esbjerg! Which is pretty funny because that is where sister Hall served before comig to Odense. I have heard nothig but good things about Esbjerg. I will also be companions with Sister Hannah Packard. We went to New York togther. She is the one that is really good friends with Summer! I am pretty dang excited. I mean, i love Odense, but i didn't realize how ready I was to be transferred until I actually recived the phone call.
It has been a crazy abnormal week. We had a lot of big events. Thursday we had a halloween party thing for invstigators/less actives and it was quite the project. We made  haunted house and It took pretty much all day. It was fun, but I was beat. I'm not sure how, but I ended up pretty much making all of the food. It was just so hectic! but pretty funny. Sister Hall and I accidentaly dumped like all of the noodls into the sink. So yeah that was quite the experience.
Friday was a pretty normal missionary day. We were able to meet with Birgit finally. she hadn't been respondig to our texts our calls so we decided to just try and visit her. She was home! She let us come in and we tlaked for quite a while. She is about 50 and she has cancer. She has  a very posotive outlook on life and is very open to our message. I am excited to hear about what happes with her in the future.
Before I forget, Sister Hall and Sister Bartholomew went to copenhagen on tuesday to take their language test. So sister Rigby and I were on splits together. Oh wait! K so monday there was like this crazy huge storm in Denmark. People couldn't even ride their bikes, and the next day a ton of trees were broken and stuff. The missionaries had to stay inside. So we bakded bannana bread and listend to christmas music. It was quite hyggeligt. Anyways, back to tuesdy so the other sisters hav e been
teachig  a young woman named Isabella. She lives in our ward so Sister Hall and I have been working with her now. Tuesday Sister Rigby adn I had a lesson with her and explaied why it's so important that she goes to the ward that she lives in. at first she hd  areally hard time with it, but all we had to say was God's house is a house of order. It was really cool to see how it just clicked. She came to the second ward yesterday and fasted for the first time. She is such a special girl. i am sad to leave her. She wants to be baptized in january:)
Saturday was sister Hall's birthday. We had an eating appoitmnt with one of the young singl adults and she had a little birthdya party for her. It was a lot of fun. I'm such an awkward missionary though. haha It's hard because I'm not Katherine, I'm sister Murray. I mean I'm still my self, but it's not the same ya know?
Sunday we had an amazing fast and testimoy meeting. Last week Ninna went to the temple to do her mother's baptism and confirmation. She had a wonderful experience. A lot of the testimoies were focussed on the temple. It was really neat. One of the young men about David's age got up and bore his testimony and it was very very touching. It was just a really good meeting. JJ a member from greenland invited his sister to come. She isn't a member and she just crited through all of sacramnt meeting. It was very sweet. It was kind of hard sayig goodbye to the people I love. Especially Ninna. Holy Cow I didn't relaize that it would be that hard. I have her information and will definitly be keeping in touch. Guss what?! Yesterday Lucia was in all three hours of church and so was her big sister  who isn't a member. IT was great! Mona also told us that her dad wants to staart coming back to church. What a huge blesing.
We had a little fireside thing for the young adults after churh and pretty much everything thta could have gone wrong went wrong. Holy cow. Long story short it turned out okay. we watched the other side of heaven. Well, I didn't watch it because I was like wired and couldn't relax so I cut apples with the other sisters hahaa. I'm pretty sure missionaries feel way to much stress. It's okay though because it somehow always manages to work out! We definitely have someone watching over us. Mom- we made the apple dip with the toffee in it for the dessert and they all loved it. Just thought I would let you know:) It was a hectic night though. It was just crazy because church was just absolutely wonderful nd then everything just went crazy. It will definitely be a night thta I rmmber.
Well that's about it. It was a good and crzazy week. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!
Love Katherine

ps. I didn't have any migraines this week:) woohoo!

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