Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter From Katherine - October 30 2013

Hello my dear family!
I have some good news. We were able to get back into the apartment and get a lot more than we expected out. Everyone told us that our clothes were ruined, but we decided to try and wash them anyways. Fortunately the home we are staying in has a washing machine and a dryer so we have been using it pretty constantly. The smoke is coming out of some of the clothes, but some are ruined. We were able to save a lot more than I thought though. My luggage was covered in soot, but I took it out of the apartment anyways and I will try my best to clean it. It has been a crazy week. We only had a certain amount of time to get our things out of the apartment so we were quite busy with that, and then trying to clean what we got out. It hasn't been a typical missionary week that's for sure. It has been really hard, and I am now kind of dealing with anxiety. I actually brought it up to the other sisters today and they said they were all feeling the same way, so that gave me some comfort haha. 

So transfers happened. Sister Hall and I will be staying here in Odense. I was actually really surprised that I wasn't being transfered. I feel extremely blessed to stay here in Odense, but I was thinking it would be easier to get back into missionary mode after the fire by moving to a different area. It's just kind of hard because I feel like i have worked the area. At the same time though, I really think things will be picking up. 

Yesterday in church relief society was combined with the men and the lesson was all about missionary work. It was held in the chapel, and our Bishop had us come sit on the stand while he explained that the work cannot be done without the members. It was awesome. I have not been able to see the Relief Society broadcast yet, but President told us to find some time this week and watch it. I am looking forward to that and also General conference. I love general conference!!! It will be different not watching it with the family though that's for sure. 

Guess who is in my district now? Dane's little brother! haha he is a lot like Dane. It has been fun getting to know him. He will be moving to the first ward on thursday because his companion, elder larsen, will be training. We had a dinner appointmentment with Ninna (she was just recently baptized) and it was great! Her husband hasn't been supportive of her joining the church, but he has gone from not letting us visit to being kinder every time we do visit. 

Yesterday we had a fireside for the young single adults. It was awesome. There was a great turn out, 20 young adults, 6 of which were not members. We watched the Joseph Smith movie and then had a couple of people bear their testimonies on the resteration afterwards. A lot of the young adults are returned missionaries so they are doing a great job of inviting people to activities.

So yeah, things are going well. It has been kind of a stressfull week, but we're getting back in the routine of mission√¶r arbejde. I can't remember if I told you, but we are staying in a couple's home who is serving a mission on Bornholm. It is a very nice home. The only problem is that it is kind of a ways out in first ward so it takes a while to get to our area. Thank goodness for busses! Both wards have been so helpful and generous. Words cannot even express how grateful I am for the members help. They have been awesome. We are definitely being taken care of here in Odense, actually in all of Denmark. there have been members from all over Denmark calling to see how they can help us. We are so blessed. 

Thank you for all your love and support. Have fun celebrating Adam's Birthday!!! I will make sure to celebrate here in Denmark. I love you all so so much. 

Love Katherine xoxox 

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