Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter From Katherine (06/03/2013)

Hi family :) 

There was a tornado, and I survived it. We were actually at a members house for dinner and the sirens came on so we stayed there for quite a while. I didn't actually see the tornado, but apparently it was pretty darn close. The weather here is crazy! One minute it's pouring rain, and the next it's nice and sunny. The lightning during the tornado was awesome! It lit up across the whole sky. It was pretty neat. 

You know, i'm actually starting to like Missouri. haha I have gotten to know the members, and investigators a lot better and it has helped a ton. 

So real quick, guess what?! My companion from the MTC, Sister Bishop, is in Denmark! apparently someone from Missouri will be joining her and her companion very soon. I haven't heard anything about it so i'm guessing it's not me, but if she has her visa mine will probably be here in the next little while. Honestly I don't feel like i'm quite finished here in Missouri, but I will be so excited when I get my visa! She went to New York sometime in January. So we will see what happens!

So funny story. Okay so my trainer became pretty frustrated with me earlier this week. I think she felt like I was overstepping her position as trainer, or something like that. I just kept bringing up that I didn't think it was good that our dinner appointments were super long. Anyways one day all of the sudden she was like, you know what so you're going to be trainer for the day. haha at first I was like how can she do this to me?! but then, I was like okay then let's get to work! we ended up visiting a bunch of members and it went really well. All is well:) and I got to be trainer for a day haha

Sunday was awesome. I loved hearing the testimonies of the ward members. I taught the gospel principles class and that was fun. Everyone here either says I look danish, or I remind them of someone. It's kind of weird. This one guy actually said I reminded him of this other girl in the ward because I smile all the time! what? Me smiling all the time?! how's that for the Murray scowl:) 

I'm enjoying our investigators, but they like to talk so much. Holy cow. One of our investigators named Jenny is soooo ready to be baptized, but her husband won't let her. It's pretty sad. We will continue to meet with her and teach her. Daphney is getting baptized on the 15 of June. Right now her biggest concern is her son Jordan. She really wants him to have interest in the church, but so far he is not interested at all. Our next lesson with Daphney we are going to have some of the youth from the ward there to meet Jordan and hopefully spark an interest within him. Joel and Annie are awesome, but they didn't read any of the Book of Mormon! Hvad for nogle! they said that they would read before we meet with them again. 

Overall this week was a lot better than last week. Want to hear a story? Well we were tracting and this young mother opened the door and she was not very friendly. A few minutes after she opened the door her dog ran out and then she was mad and really annoyed with us. We asked if we could help her catch her dog and she rolled her eyes and said you will never be able to do that. So i said a prayer and within like 10 seconds I totally caught the dog. She didn't want to listen to what we had to say about the gospel, but we ended on a good note...kind of. We did a lot of tracting and found a lot of potential investigators. It's so interesting. When teenagers open the door they are so willing to listen to us and ask questions, but a lot of older people won't even give us the time of day. I actually am starting to really enjoy tracting. We run into the craziest people, and often times the people who you would least expect are the ones who want to hear more. 

Thanks for all your prayers. I have felt them and they have been a huge strength for me. I couldn't be doing this without the support from all of you. I love you so much and hope you all have a great week!
Jeg elsker jer!

Love Katherine 

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